Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zee-fat Butt...

Hello world! I'm kinda sorta back-ish.

The last 3 days have been kind of whirlwind adventure. The girls went on a trip to the north. We stayed at a lovely little 'tzimmer' in Tzfat.
On the first day we stopped in Megido on the way to Tzfat and had dinner on the 'midrechov' in Tzfat.
The second day we hiked at Banias and then drove to the tippy-top of the country to visit Rosh Hanikra then headed back to Tfzat for dinner and a mud-mask party.
The third day we spent a couple of hours exploring Tzfat, then stopped in Teveriah on the way home for some lunch.
Z and I were going to spend another Shabbos in Bet Shemesh but Z is still in the midst of his finals period and has a crazy week coming up (including, a presentation on Monday, exams on Tuesday and Wednesday and a project due on Wednesday as well. As you can guess he's been busy with getting things that were due yesterday done - so he hasn't started preparing for any of the stuff due next week.) So we cancelled Shabbos plans at the last minute and will be home after all.
We haven't had a chance to go get the laptop fixed yet so I'll be around sporadically until we do.

I guess considering it's almost 6PM on Thursday, I should probably go figure out what to cook for Shabbos. It's a good thing I've got challah in the freezer already.

I'm a little sad cause Z is in Ashkelon at his brother's tekes-kumta and probably won't be home until around 10PM tonight and I want to see him cause it's been a few days.

It's kind of strange to go from being surrounded with a whole bunch of people non-stop to being all alone.

Ah well - lo norah...

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Deborah said...

well at least u didnt miss anything exciting from this part of the world whilst you were on the way, 6 days late and counting!!