Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Because I Can...

Well, we are officially in The Sun House. Last night after dropping Phil and the Crazy Lady off at the airport, yo' Abba picked us up (cause he was halfway to Ariel anyway.) We made it back to Bet Shemesh in about an hour.

On his recent trip the the USofA Daddy received an ipad as a birthday gift. It is the funnest little gadget! Seriously! Actually, truth be told it is a bit of a pain for long compositions - but it's not impossible. How do I know? Simple - cause I typed this post up on it. Fun fun fun!

Luckily for me this is going to be a short post (cause I don't have anything much to report - cause nothing fun or exciting has happened yet this week. And yeah - I know it's Wednesday already.

This evening we're attending a wedding at Reishit and Freddie should be home at some point later tonight. But why am I focusing on tonight? It's only 10am and we've got the whole day ahead of us.

Have I mentioned it's really really hot?

Random question - what's my prize for doing something important that I really really despise doing? I feel like I deserve something. Useless whatshisface.

Alrighty - typing on this thing is getting a teensy bit annoying (maybe it's the key clicks...)

I guess I'll go play with the 'embiggening' feature on a news-site (this thing does THE coolest zoom thing ever!)

Til' next time.

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