Sunday, August 15, 2010


Overall I've got to say that I think Shabbos was a smashing success.

Z & I had a bit of a fiasco on our trip to town on Friday morning (all my fault) - but back at Home we got everything cooked, cleaned and organized - we even cooked up a snack for erev-Shabbos. Yo'Abba, Freddie, Ez and the Dibble arrived at around 5:30pm and we fed them some borekas as a snack while we relaxed and waited for Shabbos to start.

For some reason or another our fridge flaked out on us again and didn't keep anything cold from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. Thankfully the freezer was relatively chilly so we threw a bunch of stuff in there. Of course - now it's working again so there's no point in having the technician come because he'll say there's nothing he can do. *sigh* I really hope this doesn't keep happening on a bi-weekly basis - it's bad enough that my milk spoils because I don't drink it quickly enough - I don't need it spoiling more quickly because of refrigerator malfunctions.

Back to happy reports though - the meal Friday night was super enjoyable. Dibble even ate rice and shnitzel after his soup - I had to feel honored at that. Yo'Abba finally heard Z make kiddush (twice) and havdalah. Shabbos lunch was light and refreshing. I love garlic pita chips and the mini-quiches came out delicious (even though I used a 1/2 whole-wheat crust.)

Shabbos afternoon went by pretty quickly. We played 'Settlers of Catan' a whole bunch of times (I think Ez and Dibble have a new favorite board game) - Rummikub, Cooties, Set and Monopoly also all got a chance to see the sun.

Overall I think it was a very successful and enjoyable weekend. Maybe one day when we've got enough space for the whole family we'll get Mean'Ma, Phil, Eli and Oscar here for a weekend too.

Z left early this morning for a dentist appointment in Petach Tikvah and then he's going to work in Jeru. Hopefully he'll be Home by 8:30 tonight.

I already worked on the neverending project for about 1/2 an hour this morning and I'm waiting to get more to do. I also have a contact/mentor for the book layout project - so hopefully that will be underway soon too.

My gluten-test results came back this morning - I have 0% allergy to the stuff - so people should stop telling me to stop eating it - cause as I've told you - it doesn't make a lick of difference (especially since my body doesn't like to digest fruits and vegetables either.)

What else? Hopefully the laptop will be here in the next few days - cause I'm getting sick of sitting at the Desktop all day every day. I miss my mobility and portability.

Uch - this is turning into a rant-y post - but I don't mean to sound upset. I'm just using this place as somewhere to write down everything that's going on so I don't forget what's going on.

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