Thursday, August 05, 2010

Compact - Always.

In what universe does "Please come for Shabbos" translate into "We need somebody to cook food for us for the weekend because Mommy isn't Home"? I'm not quite sure - but that's where I'm at right about now.

Let me start with yesterday. So - we're in The Sun House (which means it's pretty hot) and at around noon Z decided that we should walk a mile uphill to the center of town to 'run some errands' then of course, we got to walk back down. Last night we attended Eli & Nicky Kamins wedding at Reishit - it was an intimate gathering of about 150 people - very nicely done. Of course, we walked to and from the party as well.

This morning I woke up bright and early (thanks to the Shacharis 'wake up' call for Z.) I made pancakes for everyone who was Home and then watched Daddy empty out the kitchen fridge. Emptying the fridge meant a whole lot of dirty dishes - which just got piled a mile high in the sink.

Freddie had an exam but was home before 12. Then we went out grocery shopping - so that we could cook for Shabbos. We stopped at Supersol and SuperH (where I got pineapple juice as an awesomely delicious treat for myself.)

Back at home, Z cut up the chickens (cause he's so good at it) and I put the chicken soup up to cook. Then I made up the matzah-ball goop and cooked up 2 cups of kasha (cause the Dibble loves kasha buttons!) I had a blast using Mommy's food-processor to slice the potatoes for the gratin - because it's got a gazillion blades and it is just oh so cool! I also made pie-crust for the pastel (meat pie) then I washed all of the pareve dishes. We also made the chickpea salad and sun-dried tomato pasta salad. Freddie even cooked up a batch of matbucha.

Still on the to-do list: Challah, Desserts, Chicken Picatta, Pastel, Roasted Garlic, Rice, Green Beans with Red Peppers, Glazed Sweet Potatoes, filling/baking Kasha Buttons and boiling up the matzah balls.

That's not really so much.

Alrighty - time to go eat last week's leftovers for dinner. 3 cheers for deli-roll!


Shoshana said...

I'm really behind. I'm just at the Challah and cut up chicken in the fridge!

Rik said...

I'd say I'm behind as well, except that I don't make shabbos yet. Although we're busy this weekend preparing for our trip to NYC.