Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eating Cheerios

Yesterday bright and early the UPS man brought me my brand spanking new laptop. It's a 15.6" widescreen. It's enormous - and I say that even though I'm used to working on my 24" flatscreen. I'm having a blast with Windows7 too. Super fun fun fun.

Nothing interesting really happened yesterday. I snacked on about a halndful of sunflower seeds and tried to keep myself hydrated. There's another heatwave and I am more than ready for the winter to come back. shivering on the couch under 8 layers is so much nicer than being shmoiling hot and not being able to take anything else off.

Since today is Tuesday Z had the morning off. We watched an episode of Warehouse13 and ate some 'Bisbols' for brunch. Z's friend was going to come over before class - but he missed the bus to Ariel.

I'm trying to decide what to do for the rest of the afternoon. It's too hot to turn on the oven now - and I should have done my baking this morning while it was still relatively cool.

I've got to make a batch of chocolate chip muffins for the 'airport run' on Thursday morning. I'm thinking of brewing up a batch of unsweetened iced tea too and since we'll be having Brunch when we get back to the Sun House I'm kind of considering whipping up a batch of bagels or something yummy like that - though I don't think that'll happen.

There are only about 7 cookies left over from Shabbos. We decided that next time it's worthwhile to make them with almond extract for an extra kick and that the real reason that they're so delicious is because they are shortbread-y and not overly sweet (even with the cherry and the chocolate.)

The Lisa Frank coloring book is calling my name. Time to color a picture or 3. Aren't Tuesday afternoons fun?

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