Monday, August 02, 2010

Electric Door Guy

Shabbos was really nice and relaxing. The weather was craaaazy hot but we stayed indoors, blessed the breeze and drank ice-cold water. The fridge has been working just fine after our Friday fiasco - I guess paying for nothing convinced it to start working properly again. Go figure.

Sunday was slow and quiet too. We watched a whole bunch of our favorite animated movies and did nothing all day long.

This morning I was woken up bright and early to lots of banging and noise. Our upstairs neighbors were moving out the last of their stuff (the 'big' stuff - fridge, beds, couch...) which would have been ok with me - if they'd started after 7AM - cause I'm picky like that. When the banging stopped the downstairs neighbor's dog started barking and their kid starting screaming and crying her little eyeballs out - it was 7:45 on a Monday with absolutely nothing to do - but I was up.

And that's basically been my day so far.

It's 2:20 in the afternoon - I haven't got anything planned. I can't bake cause it's too hot to turn on the oven, I'm not hungry - so there's no point in making food. I'm not quite in the mood to knit - cause knitting seems like a winter activity. I've colored in almost all the fun pages in my coloring-books.

I guess I'll go twiddle my thumbs for a while.

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