Sunday, August 22, 2010

Essential Floss

Considering I fell asleep at 3AM and woke up at 6AM I sure did a lot today.

By 7:30 Freddie and I were on the (back)road to Jeru. We took her little 'zoom-zoom' in for its 30,000 km tune-up and look-over. We pulled into the place at 8:30 which was perfect timing - cause there was 1 stop open, so they pulled it in and started working on it right away.

Meanwhile we took a 1-hour walk from Talpiot into 'town' to do some retail-therapy. Mitpachot (to match my new green tunic and the outfit I'm going to wear to the wedding tonight), 3/4 & long sleeve 'under'shirts and even a pretty new shade of nail-polish.

The car was ready by 11 so we made our way back to pick it up and then took the 'tunnel road' back to The Sun House - we were back at around 12:30.

Noodles with chunky tomato sauce for lunch. A nice cold shower. A haircut. A semi-restful nap.

Now it's time to get all dolled-up for Nirit and Yehudah's wedding in Nes Tziona.

It's gonna be a crazy night.

Wish me luck!

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