Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Puffle...

Alrighty - so after my rant this morning I did all sorts of productive stuff. 2 loads of laundry, washed the dishes, got lunch ready, took a lukewarm shower with the knob turned all the way to cold, got lunch ready...
At around 2pm Yo'Abba arrived in Ariel. I made little white fishies with crash baked potatoes. (Yup, 2nd time this week - cause the red-skinned potatoes were really good like that.) I had even brewed up 2 liters of unsweeted lemon-nana iced tea and stuck it in the freezer so it was an awesome slushy-like consistency.
We left Ariel at around 2:30pm and headed to the airport. Besides for some traffic near Givat Shmuel, the long line to get into the airport and the even longer wait to get to the arrivals area we were more or less on time.
We packed Meanma, Phil and their 4 enormous suitcases into the car and headed off to The Sun House.
Ez and the Dibble were waiting on the front-porch and Eli came out a few seconds later. Unpacking the car didn't take very long with so many hands and muscles willing to help. Inside Freddie had cooked up some Indian Dal (a lentil soup of sorts) and all sorts of borekas.
After our super late lunch / super early dinner we surprised Phil with a dinosaur shaped birthday cake. Freddie made the whole shebang - it was adorable!
We ate it starting from the tail. (There was a great debate about which direction to cut in...) It was awesomely delicious. Who knew that 1 round cake and a whole lotta frosting could make such a fun birthday cake?
Then the suitcases were unpacked and gifts were distributed as we basked in the cool air-conditioned delightfulness. Even Oscar got presents - 2 'stuffed animals' - that he likedso much he put them straight into his bed. Isn't he such a cutie pie? Here he is taking a nap with his new elephant.

Now I'm off to install the Adobe Suite on the new laptop. Then I'll be able to work on the neverending project 'on the go' too. Isn't that exciting?

Wish me luck!

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