Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gray is Somewhere In-Between.

Today I went grocery shopping and wound up with a brand new toaster (you know, the 2 slot kind - perfect for bread, waffles, shnitzel dak...) and a fuzzy new blanket for when the weather gets cool (hopefully that'll be soon - really really soon!) Thanks to Mean'ma and Yo'Abba for treating me to awesomely fun goodies on my summer vacation - including my treif (OU-D) breakfast cereal!

Unfortunately the super-mysterious black soap turned out to be white - but it certainly smells magical. Truth be told, we're not sure what it smells like - but I suppose that's the mystery.

This afternoon Mean'ma and I watched 'Play the Game' which I think is a really great movie. Shows you who is really in charge. A great line is when the grandpa says to his grandson, "now you're wearing the panties and she's wearing the pants."

Dinner was 'all the leftover fleishigs stuff you can find in the freezer and heat up at the same time and serve with rice' night. Turned out really yummy though. Gramma's Tomato Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Meatballs (3 to be exact), seasoned rice and plain white rice.

Now it's time to play a pre-bed round of Settlers of Catan. The boys just played a 'warm-up' game before maariv so I think I might join for the 'real' round.

Tomorrow is another day of fun filled vacation.

Toodles for now!

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