Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday our 'vacation' officially ended. Mean'ma drove me back Home (though we stopped along the way for some 'forced relaxation' time and went to the grocery store.) I unpacked parts of the bags and left the rest for today.

Lookie Mommy - I DID forget the crayons in the sun and they DID melt!
So far I've done 3 loads of laundry and stripped the beds (because the sheets haven't been changed in about a month.) I'm waiting for Z to finish his book so that the floor will get swept and washed. I need to wipe down the kitchen counters and I should probably figure out a menu for the rest of the week. (Though - there's a whole bunch of pizza in the freezer - so maybe we should just ration that out slowly until it's time to go back to The Sun House for Rosh Hashana.)

Do you like the new color? Freddie and I chose it out last week on our adventure to Jeru. it looks very pink-ish in this picture - but on my fingers it's actually reminding somewhat of a pink-ish melted milk-chocolate. I think I used to have a flavored lipstick that was this color but I don't remember what flavor it was.
Ok - enough wasting time. I need to clean clean clean! This place is a wreck. It's like it was uninhabited for a week or 2. Oh wait...

Do you like my presents? I like my presents. I love getting presents. Presents make me happy.
This rewards system rocks - let's keep it up.

*EDIT: 6:45PM*
Enormous Gigantic Extremely-Enthusiastic Thanks to Z for all of his help today. He swept and washed the floors in the whole apartment, switched loads of laundry as they finished and dusted the couches and bookcases. That's a whole lot of work - and all on a Tuesday!

While Z cleaned I treated myself to an 'at-home' pedicure. Now my toenails are painted a pretty burgundy color. Of course I realized that my course of action made it impossible for me to use my usual line of "it's not like I'm sitting around painting my toenails" when Z asked me to help him with the cleaning and stuff.

In other news I finally organized one of my clothing drawers and went through all of my 'old clothes' (from storage) to decide what will be staying and what will be going for good. Next step will be to tackle the clothes on the 'current' shelves in the closet. I will be ruthless.

After that - maybe the school-notebooks that are piled up in the corner of the office. I can understand keeping notes from some of my favorite classes in seminary - but do I really need my high-school chemistry notes? I'm not so sure...

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