Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mazal Tovs All Around!!!

So Freddie and her dude have finally made things official! They're engaged! It's a little bit crazy and super duper exciting!!!He proposed with a yellow pool ball - which is why Yo'Abba is making an incredulous looking face...
So everyone drank a l'chaim and toasted the happy couple.
Shabbos was really nice and relaxing. Freddie was with her dude's family for the holy-day and on motzei shabbos they all drove to The Sun House to have a meeting of mishpachas. We had a delightful melava malka and it was absolutely wonderful! Here are some pictures!
Today was another regular day - aside from all the fun and excitement of sharing the news with friends, family and everybody else!
Tomorrow I'll be heading back Home. My awesomely fun-filled vacation is at an end.

But first - some more air conditioning and family-time!


BlackHoleEarthConsumption said...

Haha that pool ball is really funny!

Yehuda said...

When Rika sees that I said this I know I'm going to get smacked but...It's a good thing Freddie can take a cue! lol. Mazal Tov. And also, at least one Polly got properly proposed to. Rika told me about when Z proposed.

Rik said...

I did indeed just smack Yehuda. In fact, all I needed to do was start groaning and he knew to proffer his cheek for his smacking.

Yehuda said...

Thing is, that was a really funny joke! I knew I would get smacked for it but I didn't even get acknowledgement that it was funny.