Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nutty Choo

I was kind of lazy this morning and feeling kind of out-of-it, so I declined the offer of going shopping at the mall in Mivaseret.Instead I sat around until Freddie showed up in the kitchen and we decided to make some lunch. Yay for leftover Gypsy Soup, Vegetable Stir-Fry and Brown Rice.
I spent most of the day reading and resting. At around 2:30 I joined the parents on a jaunt to RBS. YoAbba needed a haircut so Mean'ma and I went to buy some foil tins (for 'Chag' cooking) and then visited the candy store.
Back at the house I mixed up a batch of 'all-purpose-cookie-dough' and tried miserably to make some pretty 'stained-glass cookies' - though the masses who ingested them insisted that they tasted great the presentation was far less than I'd hoped for (moving sticky dough from paper to tray is harder than it looks - especially when the shapes are large - and hollow. Anywho - I think I'll stick with those pretty-edged sugar cookies for any and all upcoming events.
Eli came home from the army, Z came home from work, Fuzz got a walk. Did I mention that Z bought me super-pretty flowers in honor of Shabbos (even though we're not Home.)
'Mexican Night' for dinner. We're having tortillas, tofu chili, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes - you know - the works.

After that I guess I'll make the sugar cookie dough.

Don't forget - lubrication is super important. It helps reduce friction and makes things slide more easily. That's why it's so important to change the oil in your car...

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