Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Shvitz

Waking up - rolling over - noting that the thermometer reads 85F and that the clock is blinking 6:10am... Yeah - it's another 'wonderful' morning.

I'm having trouble breathing - with the fan everything gets so dried out that my nose bleeds no matter what I do - without the fan it's just too dang hot. This is ridiculous. If the planet is moving closer to the sun and is going to spontaneously explode could it just get on with it already? I'm sick of dealing with the weather. Otherwise bring back the springtime. (I'd beg for winter - but the idea of suffering through an ice age doesn't actually appeal to me that much.)

Considering I didn't do much this week - I actually accomplished all but 2 things on my list. 1 was getting through to the person who won't pick up his phone and 2nd was doing the book layout. Mind you - the 2 are connected -so I could consolidate and call it 1 undone task - but making 2 checks on my 'to-do' list is way more exciting.

In other news - I want hugs when I want hugs. If you feel differently then kindly shove your opinions where the sun don't shine - and I hope it hurts.

I've got to get 2 loads of laundry washed,dried and folded before it's time to go. I also have to wash the dirty dishes that are sitting on the counter - and put away the clean ones that are on the drying racks. I've got to figure out what to serve to Yo'Abba for 'appreciation' lunch today - but I'm out of cheese, have barely any vegetables and don't really want to turn the oven on.

The bags for the weekend are mostly packed - I HATE being a girl. I wish guys gad to be inconvenienced at some routine point in their lives and have to shlep around a bazillion 'extras' for the heck of it. It's really unfair. I want to be able to wear the same underwear, undershirt, pants, shirt, socks, shoes for a week straight and not have to worry about shnasty things like smelling bad or bleeding out of places that the sun don't shine.

Fine - time to go pretend to take care of stuff.

Can you tell that the heat is making me grumpy?


Anonymous said...

seems like more than just the heat.

Shoshana said...

Me2... Actually it's more just the heat for me