Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Purple Toeses

The beginning is a good place to begin.

In the beginning there was nothing.

Wait - that's a little to far back - I start from when there was light...

When was that? Some time around 3:40? I dunno - hard to get it straight. All I know is that the Muslims were blaring their call to prayer for the 'minyan' at that ung-dly hour of the morning.

I closed my eyes again and *poof* it was 6:50 and Z was getting up to start his day - so I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

7:30 in the morning I got out of bed. I figured it was late enough.

I washed all the dishes, squeegeed the counter, thought about doing laundry then decided to wait until tomorrow.

While it was still 'cool' (80F was as cool as it was getting) I baked a batch of chocolate chip muffins - I made the full batch because I had to finish up a box of soymilk. For the record - I always make them pareve and I also always throw a little less than a tablespoon of lemon juice into the soymilk and let it sit for 5-8 minutes just to thicken it up (pareve homemade buttermilk) because it makes the muffins more moist. Anywho - I wound up with 1 dozen 'regular size' muffins and 2 dozen mini-muffins. All of them are safely stowed away in the freezer. A whole bunch will be brought on the airport run tomorrow.

Today I learned 2 important lessons. #1 - Quinoa is an extremely tricky food and should never be left cooking unattanded - I have nothing else to say as the mess in my kitchen attests to my previous statement. And #2 - Just because it doesn't mention cooking them in the microwave - Bisbols are completely microwaveable. Pop them in for one minute and thirty seconds, let them sit at 'room temperature' for 2-3 minutes to let the crusts firm up, then eat and enjoy. Waaay quicker than turning on the oven for 20 minutes - especially when it's 85F at 11 in the morning...

I am inexplicably appreciative of the ice-pops in my freezer. They keep me hydrated and give me brain-freeze. Who could ask for more?

Now it's 87F and I'm sprawled on my bed with a fan blowing on me. I just finished another ice-pop and I even did some work on the neverending project just a couple of quick changes - hey, at least it was something productive.

I hate telephones so I find it extremely frustrating trying to get through to somebody who never picks theirs up. By the time I've sucked-it-up enough to call you - pick up! I've been trying to get in touch with someone for a week. I guess I haven't been persistent enough though. Uch, annoying.

Tomorrow I am going to install the Adobe Suite on my new lappytop. I'm super excited about it and the opportunities that will open up once I do.

Did I mention that the background image I'm using for the laptop is a photo of Frizzie bear eating a Cheerio. It cracks me up every time I see it. Which is a good thing - at least, I think so anyway.

I'm thinking of making pizza for dinner for Z. He requested it - we have an open jar of tomato sauce and some cheese that really should get used up. The question is how nice I should be. I've been spoiling him. Making him yummy food to take to work for lunch and last night he had a pan-seared rare steak with perfectly-cooked crash-baked-potatoes.

Oh I almost forgot to mention - Z picked up our wedding album this morning (after getting completely lost in Kiryat Moshe - which I found hilarious, but he didn't seem the least bit amused.) Anyway - the important part is - he's got it and I'm finally going to see it and I am ridunculously excited about the whole thing!

Ok - time for another ice pop.

Can anyone say sugar high...?

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Yehuda said...

Sounds like you spend a lot of time in a hot apartment. I was thinking that instead of staying cooped up in there you could use the internet in mine and Rivkah's apartment for the rest of the summer. We have AC.
Also, I love Adobe.
Also, make the pizza. You can never do too much to spoil us husband types.