Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Swimming in Humdidity...

Yesterday flew by. Simple as that.

Pancakes for breakfast (a'la Z & me) then he left for school.

Freddie and I picked up a pie of pizza on our way across town and spent the afternoon with Saba & Savta. It was so much fun to visit with them! We hope they enjoyed as much as we did. Thanks for the pizza and the pillows and the company - you made my 'summer vacation' even more wonderful! Now if I could only figure out how to boil potatoes in cold water... right?

We got home in time to help get everything ready for dinner - mac n' cheese, tomato soup (with nuggelach- cause Mean'ma isn't lazy like I am...), oven broiled tuna-steaks and garlic pita.

Z made it back from class by 10:30ish - which really wasn't bad all things considered.

Then it was sleepy-time.

So far this morning I packed lunch for Z and he went off to work. I read a recent edition of 'Good Housekeeping' and skimmed the JPost. I ate a mini-chocolate-chip-muffin which I slightly over-heated in the microwave. Now I'm blogging - but I think it's time to get dressed.

There's a craaaaazy sale going on at Supersol on the other side of town and everybody is invited. They've got their 10NIS special and a whole lot of stuff is 20% off. (Though the sale started a few days ago - so I hope they've still got stuff on the shelves...)

Anywho - grocery shopping spree here we come!


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