Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I woke up way too early this morning. I used to wake up at 7 every single day - all year actually - then Z started his 'finals period' and I started waking up at 8. Now he has to get up at 6:30 so that he can catch a bus to work - which means that I wake up at 6:30 - and all this while going to sleep at around midnight. I guess I've gotten old or something - but 6 hours of sleep just isn't enough for me. I need a full 7 or I'm just not a happy person.

I won't write anything about the state of my stomach or health - because it's just not pretty. I lost another kilo. Hurrah - or is it - Uhoh...?

In happy news I finally figured out the menu for Shabbos. Z is going to pick up the veggies I need in Jeru after work and tomorrow I can cook all day long. I'm going to have to rearrange my freezer though - it's super stuffed, and I need to make space for challah. Lots and lots of challah.

I think I'm finally going to use the candied cherries I bought ages ago. I'm really excited - I'm going to attempt to recreate those buttery-delicious bakery cookies! Maybe I'll even make some with sprinkles on the edges - or chocolate dollops in the centers. Gosh - so many options!

For dinner tonight I'm thinking chicken-stir-fry - cause we have a wok, and cause I took out chicken, and cause we have couscous in the fridge which needs to get used up. All good reasons - in my humble opinions anyway.

I'm kind of enjoying the breeze - even though it's 82F in my apartment my fingers and toes are pleasantly chilled. I guess there is a bright-side to bad blood-circulation too. Who knew.

They called me from the computer-store today about my new laptop. It'll be here early next week - with Windows-7 in English and a 3-year-warranty. I am really excited about it!

I need a haircut. Desperately.

Sorry I'm bouncing all over the place - I'm having a hard time focusing on any one thing at a time and my brain is kind of turning to mush. I've been trying to lay-out a book and I'm having a really hard time with it. It's a 'first' and I'm not really sure what I'm doing - especially cause there's a ton of footnotes and whatnot to keep in order and it's a really long book. I've tried half-a-dozen different things - but I'm just not having any success. I'm frustrated by it - because it shouldn't be so complicated - or it feels like it shouldn't be at any rate. I wish they'd actually taught me useful stuff in the classes that I paid 25,000 shekels to attend. That's essentially the cost of a 3-year BA in this country - I guess I should've just gone to college.

Yeah - live and learn.

Ah, regrets.

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