Sunday, August 22, 2010


As you all know it's been HOT here in The Holy Land. So we skipped town and went where the air-conditioner blows. Ironically that's in The Sun House but never mind that.Shabbos was tons of fun. Friday night Oliver came over for the meal. It's been about a year since his last visit and his birthday is next week - so Meanma even made him a devil-dog cake for dessert. Of course we all had to eat lots of meatballs and lemony-dill-garlicy-chicken to get our dessert, but there were peas in the soup - so that had to count for something.
Z and I had lunch at the shul along with all the other guests attending Solomon's shabbat chatan. It was nice to spend some time with the 'Younger' Denkbergs and shmooze. A whole gang of Miskins stopped by late in the afternoon and we had a lot of fun hanging out with them too.
Aside from the main water-filter bursting outside before lunch - leaving us without running water for the day, Shabbos was great. Truth be told - being waterless was mostly a big joke, except for when it wasn't.
After Shabbos we debated a whole bunch of motz"ash activities. Oliver wanted to hang out and we were undecided on what to do. Freddie decided that Modiin was the place to go - so off we went.
On arrival we had to decide between billiards and bowling. Evidently bowling won the vote because that's what we did. My score wasn't anything to write home about - but I actually did better than I imagined I would. Meanwhile Freddie was in the lead for the 2nd half of the game and somehow Oliver managed to squeak by and beat her. Now she owes him cookies.
On the way Home we stopped off at 'The Fat' (Hashamen) for some midnight shwarma.
Now I feel like I've had a summer-break. Back to the apartment I go. I'm good for a year or so.

Ok, not really - more fun stuff coming up tomorrow.

Speaking of which I should probably get some sleep.

Nighty night.

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