Thursday, September 02, 2010

4 Months Minimum?

When it comes to blogging it's all about the timing. See, since I keep somewhat of a running diary here and the posts are 'daily-related' it's weird to post things after-the-fact. People tend to get frustrated when I write long 'megillahs' and re-caps. Ok - maybe I'm imagining things. I guess it annoys me to write the 'megillahs' for some reason.

In any event - when I post in the morning then I feel silly posting a 2nd time later in the day (because honestly - who checks this site obsessively to see whether I've put something new up upon rising and before retiring. This is not supposed to be some sort of religious experience. Seriously.) Then again when it comes to posting at night - time sort of flies on by and before I know it I've forgotten all about putting a post together.

That all being said -

Yesterday has been deemed 'productive' by virtue of the fact that I sorted through my corner of destroyed rainforest. What I'm trying to say is that in my office is a corner that has been completely dominated by old school notes and notebooks since we moved in. An unmovable and rather intimidating pile of paper. Yesterday I finally sat down and went through everything. I ruthlessly threw a lot of stuff out including old greeting cards (but not the super funny ones), ancient high school literature notes (I'll probably never need to analyze The Glass Menagerie again considering I know live in The Holy Land) and a whole lot of other junk and doodles. I must be a pack-rat - I've been saving pointless doodles for the last 9 years. I've decided that it is time to change.

Aside from the cleaning spree I didn't do too much aside from watering the plants and watching the first half of a season of 'Modern Family' - which is a highly entertaining waste-of-time that I'm going to force Mommy to relax to.

For dinner I broiled some chicken wings with BBQ sauce and made some spiced&roasted potatoes.

Now for today - I should really leave the house today. Maybe go get some groceries for Shabbos - now that I have a tentative Shabbos menu. I've also got to make the challah and maybe I'll start tackling the 'clean-up-project' in the guest room. It's a whole lotta work - but it's mostly my junk - so I guess I should take care of it.

Isn't being a grown-up fun?

Oh - and I finally managed to get a gastro appointment for the end of October. Worst timing ever - but the dr. is female and she speaks English - so hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

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Anonymous said...

I don't get to check your blog until the end of my day and I love when there's a second post, especially a happy follow up post to a grumpy one!

Also, your megillahs are how my family and I know all about your life, so don't stop.

Love you!