Monday, September 06, 2010

Bless the Fuzzies

I woke up waaaay too early this morning. Waking up before 7 should not even be an option when you're a stay-at-home nothing-doing-er with absolutely no social life to speak of.

Anyway - at a complete loss of ideas for things to do at 7:45am I decided to put those exercise videos that I downloaded ages ago to good use. Strangely enough I felt very energized after an hour of yoga and deep breathing.

Then I spent a little under an hour fixing up a tri-fold brochure for the neverending project.

Next fun-filled-activity was clearing off the drying racks and washing the dirty dishes.

Then I watched 8 back-to-back episodes of Season 1 of Desperate Housewives. A show that I had never been interested in watching until I finally ran out of other things to do.

Then I spent an hour and 20 minutes doing some more neverending stuff.

Now I'm back to Desperate Housewives - I wonder how many more episodes I'll be able to squeeze in before Z gets Home. It's 6pm now and he missed the 5:30 bus which means he probably won't be here before 8:15 or so.

I'm pretty sure I can get in another 3 before then.

Alrighty - so back to the show...

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