Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Booth Sitters

Yesterday's Fambily brunch & build went very nicely. We ate in 2 waves so that everyone could get a chance to 'layshayv basukkah' - the food was yummy - the tech-savvy-ness was highly amusing and all in all it was highly entertaining.Some of our2-dozen bagels. The holes went missing at some point between the rest and the rise but they tasted good regardless.
The was a nice breeze - so even though it was sunny and hot we had some ventilation.
After eating we trekked out to an open expanse of land in the middle of Samaria and set our sights on building.
We're not sure what exactly it is we made - but it took some serious carpentry skills and we built it in the Shomron. The building freeze is officially over and now that sort of thing isn't illegal anymore. (To see us 'in action' you can watch our little homemade documentary on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEOWyI25WRU)
After packing up our tools, and clothes we headed back to The Sun House for a bbq and concert. Z did the grilling (wings, burgers, shnitzels, hotdogs) - We saw lots of friends (I finally finally finally saw Becca!!!) - We listened to the music and ate a lot.
It's so exciting to be back in the Fambily Sukkah in The Sun House!
Today we've got lots of fun stuff on the agenda. We're heading to Tel Aviv on a family tiyul and tonight supposedly we're going to feast on Penne A'la Vodka for dinner.
It sounds super exciting to me - how does it sound to you?

I'll keep you posted!

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