Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enough With the Egg!

Last night was the first night in over 2 weeks that I slept straight through without waking up with a stomachache or just waking up for no reason and staring at the ceiling for an hour or two. It might be because I expended so much energy crying yesterday and thereby exhausted myself - but I really can't be sure. In any event - I woke up feeling strangely refreshed this morning. It was a nice change.

We dropped Frank McNugget off at his drum lesson and then did some shopping at SuperH. Now I remember why I try to be anal and get all of my lists and shopping done in advance - because I hate going to grocery stores on the day before erev-anything.

Yo'Abba was busy building the sukkah all morning and Dibble was super excited to help when he got home from school.

Freddie was heading out to pick up Mr. Freddie (gosh, we've gotta find a nickname for him) - so she graciously offered/agreed to drop me off at Home on the way. (Even though the end of the world isn't really 'on the way' to anywhere.)

Chag is tomorrow. So far I've got my challah made - oh and I've got a lasagna in the freezer. I guess I should get started on everything else...?

Not to complain (more) or anything but WHY is there a heatwave?!?!? Memo to G-d: I (really really really) LIKED the weather last week - can ya' send us some more of the mid-70's weather with nice cool breezes and slightly chilly nights and mornings?!?!?!?!? Cause that'd be just great!

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