Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giraffes & Hippos

Last night was a whole lotta fun. Dinner turned out awesomely delicious. I really really really love my wok. Then we watched Boondock Saints (every time I see it I understand a little bit more - heck, I think I've finally figured out the plot.)

I woke up at 6:15 this morning. I waited until 7:30 to start making noise in the kitchen. Not too much noise though - just enough to bake 1/2 a batch of coffee cake for breakfast. (I know, I know - but I had leftover steusel from the challot yesterday and didn't want it to go to waste.) Thankfully I defrosted a bag of milk (from the freezer stash) cause our guest turned out to be a morning-coffee-drinker. Then I watched some Desperate Housewives.

I washed dishes and pretended to be a good-little-housewife until the boys left for class. Then I watched even more Desperate Housewives until Yo'Abba sent me some work to do. After semi-straightening-up my closet I cooked up a batch of mac-n-cheese for lunch.

Z came Home from class a little earlier than expected so the lunch wasn't quite ready (it's not done till the top noodles are good and crunchy!) It didn't matter though - he waited patiently and then we sat down to enjoy the meal while watching some Modern Family.

(Gosh it seems like I watched a lot of TV today. Hmmm, I guess I did.)

Finally I got off my lazy tush and worked on the neverending project for a little while. Forms with boxes and an Opus for the perplexed.

I wish my stomach weren't doing flip-flops - it's not on account of the dairy specifically - it's on account of the eating which in a way is even more frustrating.

Maybe I'll go read for a bit. It's almost sleeping-time anyway. Right?

Eh, close enough.

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Rik said...

Sometimes I have tummy trouble and my tummy hurts when I get hungry. Then I eat and my tummy hurts more.