Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grand View

Well, Yom Kippur was a complete waste of a day. I spent the entirety of it in bed feeling disgusting. Z was an absolute angel though - he came back to check on me throughout the day (just to make sure I was still alive.)

After 'break-fast' we put together the frame of the sukkah (with only 1 snafu of vertical poles being upside down.) Tonight we'll put the schach on and tomorrow hopefully we'll do the decorating - if there's enough time considering most of the day will be spent in-transit and in Jeru.

Gastro appointment tomorrow - please please please let them have answers. I really can't stand feeling like this anymore.

Lost another 2 kilo in the last week (the scale really says 3 - but I'm deducting 1 for 'fluctuation weight' - yesterday was a fast day after all and in the last 60 hours all I've eaten is 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes and 3/4 of a bagel.)

On the bright side of the Jeru trip is that we'll be able to pick up all sorts of better quality goodies for a fraction of the cost. We're gonna do a shuk shopping and Z has to get himself some of those 4-minim.

I'm just trying to figure out when all the cooking is going to get done. We're having guests for 3 out of 4 meals and 3 guests are sleeping over for Shabbos. The funniest part about worrying about the cooking is the fact that I probably won't even be eating any of the food. Ok, I'm not sure whether that's actually funny or ironic - but it's definitely one of them.

Now I'm off to figure out how to take pain-killers on an empty stomach. As usual I'm too nauseous to eat and I was supposed to do some of the aforementioned cooking today but my left knee and hip are aching so much it's kind of hard to stand. It's all or none I guess.

At least I'll definitely fit into the pretty new clothes I'm getting after sukkot!

That's a positive. Right?

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