Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Matches and Pears

Freddie wound up driving me Home yesterday. Raizi and Sara joined us on the adventure. We ran all of my errands and then there were lots of hands to help shlep everything up 2 flights of stairs to the apartment.

Thankfully Yesh had just gotten in their delivery of chickens so I snagged 5 super-fresh looking birds. (I know that sounds super-mundane but 'round these parts it's often hard to find fresh looking meat - and before you say, "buy frozen" - I prefer to buy whole fresh chickens because well, first off they're waaaay cheaper and secondly then I (ok, Z) can cut them up and divide them for freezing the way I need. After all - I am the girl who cooks only 1 leg/thigh for Shabbos on an average week. What the heck would I do with a whole chicken that needed to be used?)

Shopping was a super-success and though Freddie and Raizi skedaddled back to The Sun House after unpacking the car, Sara stayed and shared all sorts of fun and funny stories about her awesome summer experiences in shmutz la'aretz.

Sara left 20 minutes before Z got Home. Then he washed all the dishes that I cleaned out of the mostly-empty fridge. Dinner was deli on the yummy bread things that Freddie found in RBS during the 'errands' portion of our trip. Then we caught up on last week's America's Got Talent. (Though - I fell asleep in the middle of the 'results' show - so I'm not exactly sure which 4 acts actually made it to the last round of the competition.)

Today I want to Zumba, make a poster and fix some flyers for the neverending project, bake the challot for Sukkot/Shabbos Chol Hamoed and maybe even do cleaning of some sort.

Z is supposed to pick up a registered-letter at the post office. He reckons it might be his passport - I am convinced it's a 'tzav miluim' calling him up for reserves (probably when he's in America.) I guess he'll have to go pick it up to settle the bets.

Alrighty - 7:51am - it's time to start my day!

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