Thursday, September 02, 2010

Melted Crayons Indeed

Ya know those days when you wake up and make a conscious decision to be happy and then everything goes wrong? Right - so I'm basically having one of those.

Turns out the private gastro won't be covered by insurance - and it seems silly to spend a few hundred shekels to have her just look at my ultrasound results - so I made an appointment with a different dr. - who wasn't actually the dr. that I wanted to make an appointment with. I know - that sounds confusing. Anyway - I'm sick and tired of calling/making appointments/cancelling appointments so I'm just going to see the dr. that I made the appointment with because I don't have patience for this anymore. And if he tells me that I'm fat and that I shouldn't eat things that make me feel sick I will shove his stethoscope up his nose and some of those tongue depressor things in places that don't feel nice. Yup - that's my final decision. Oh and I managed to snag an appointment in 2 weeks (right after Yom Kippur) instead of in 2 months (which was the average waiting period of the other 4 drs. I spoke to) so that's the positive side of the situation.

I tried to go out grocery shopping at a little after 11 - but wound up running home to use the bathroom before I even made it to the bus stop.

Then at 12 the internet died. I never know if it's me or the internet provider and since the 'internet' light on the modem/router-majig was the one that was out I called Bezeq. They told me the problem was with 013. So I called 013. Anywho - 1 hour and 20 minutes later I still didn't have internet. My 013 stuff was all fine and guess what - Bezeq had another one of their 'area-wide connection problems' - waste of energy and breath. Seriously.

Did I mention that when the internet is out I don't have a phone line? Yeah - ok - that one is my fault. I'm cheap - what can I say? But I didn't count on my Orange cell phone going into shock and dying right when I wanted to call Bezeq to find out why I had no internet! On the bright side of this chapter - I managed to locate the 'replacement' phone that I bought a couple of months ago when the Orange phone died last.

At that point I was fed up. So I made my challah dough for Shabbos. I happened to glance out the window and noticed that the sky was very overcast and gray.

Once the dough was rising I decided to try the whole 'grocery shopping' thing again. I was too lazy to walk the 25 minutes so I ran out and caught the 'wrong' bus - I forgot that the 100 doesn't pass by the 'Mega' so I wound up having to walk up-hill through the park.

Then it started to rain...

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Yehuda said...

wow. that sounds like a really crappy day. sorry to hear it.