Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sniff the Book.

Hello World! Happy new year to you all! How'd you like that 3-day-holiday? Gosh - I'd almost forgotten how long they are.

Our 3 hour trip from Ariel to The Sun House made me reconsider my stance on driving. While I don't enjoy the chore - it's decidedly preferable to have the freedom to come and go on my own schedule and in a fraction of the time.

Chag was a ton of fun. Shelley joined the mishpacha and everybody was Home. First night was a quiet relaxed evening - we bit the heads off of our beet enemies in the traditional way. First day was a nice light dairy lunch and a day of fun. Second night was entertaining and second day was busy busy cause Z and I ate out at the Wolicki's and then visited Saba & Savta. Friday night was the traditional and on Shabbos day the whole family walked over to visit Saba & Savta in honor of Savta's birthday! (A non-fasting one this year!) Settlers was played a whole lot of times, all the cake was eaten and after a 2 day wait we finally got to eat the shepard's pie!

Motzei chag and everything Z finally ordered his new Ipod and I finalized and re-wrote my menus for erev-Yom-Kippur and Sukkot. I also basically figured out the shopping list - so I think I'm doing pretty well. I just need to buy some more round foil-tins to bake my challot in. (I'm overly excited about them - half are getting stuffed with struesel and the other half are getting stuffed with onion-crumb - they're going to be awesomely delicious!!!)

Freddie and I went on a trip to BIG this morinng. I bought a new intensive-moisturizing-lotion for my legs (it smells really good) and I bought Z a present - but it's a surprise so I can't say what it is yet - though I can tell you that I asked them to wrap it, cause I know his favorite part of any present is unwrapping it. Aren't I just the nicest?

We'll be heading Home tomorrow and hopefully we'll do the grocery shopping on the way. I need a whole bunch of chickens - hope I'm not too late.

The rest of the week is gonna be all sorts of fun stock-piling. I'm going to bake the challot, desserts, cook up the chicken soup and of course there's the batch of bagels I've got to make for break-fast after yom kippur.

So far Phil is going to be with us for the first day of Sukkot and the Lockermans are joining us for Shabbos chol-hamoed lunch. Abe is most probably coming for either chag or shabbos and we're waiting to hear from some other people to sort out wheres/whens and how manys.

I guess life will be back to 'normal' when Z gets Home from his MerryCa trip.

Oh and Freddie & Ezra have a date - December 30th.

I gotta lose some more weight!

wink wink...

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