Sunday, September 05, 2010

Thank You Personal Santa!

Friday was strangely relaxed. There wasn't really anything to do in the way of Shabbos prep so we kind of spent the day relaxing. We caught up on 'America's Got Talent' and we read and stared at the view. Thanks to the sweeping/washing of the floor on Monday we agreed to skip it on Friday and do it again before Rosh Hashana.

On his trip to town Z picked up some random 'salatim' (matbucha, chatzilim, something else) and some really pretty flowers.

Friday Night menu was: Challah, chumus, random salatim, roasted garlic, chicken soup with matzah balls, zaatar chicken, peas and garlic rice (made with Jasmine rice - best results so far - which is pretty amazing cause I've made it with Persian and Basmati already and it is easily my favorite flavored rice.)

Shabbos lunch menu: Challah with chumus and different random salatim, tossed green salad, vegetable lasagna.

Dessert was a complete experiment (which turned out deliciously wonderful) - pecan pie bars. Cause who wants to make pie crust and then have to eat slices of pie on a plate with a fork when you could get all that awesome flavor in an easy to carry and eat 'bar' form?! Yum! I love bars!!! Oh - and we'll definitely be having them again on Sukkot.

Shabbos was quiet and relaxing too. Friday night the weather was chilly and delightful! I read a couple hundred pages of Althalus (again.) Shabbos day we played the usual R-kub and the game took forever because we were each waiting for the other to win. (It gets confusing when we do that.) Motza"sh we watched some more Comedy-Central skits and I put together tentative menus for Sukkot/Shabbat Chol Hamoed.

Have I mentioned that we're 'growing up' and have decided to make our first 'chag' at Home? Yup - you read that right. We're turning down Mommy's meatballs and other sukkot delicacies in favor of making our very first 'holiday' at Home. How bittersweet is that?! I know. I know. So far we've got confirmed guests for Shabbos Chol Hamoed lunch. We'll have to find some other brave souls willing to trek up up up up up up up to us. I'm just being mean and not inviting 'sleep-over-guests' because Z is leaving for the USofA right after the holiday and we will be spending the last 1/2 of Sukkot in the Sun House. So - I want a little bit of alone time - which I think is pretty fair.

Me - I'm just excited to make the challot for Sukkos. I'm making a bunch with struesel and a bunch with 'onion-crumb' - and since they're 'round' I get to stuff them full of topping-ly goodness. Hahahahaa! I can hardly wait! (Pictures to follow in a week or so when I get around to making them - which will be after I buy enough bread flour to make them...)

*Break* - Sorry - I went to watch the 'noo-noo' truck suck up all the plastic bottles in the recycling cage outside. It's this huge vacuum truck with a suction-trunk. It amuses me. A lot.

Ok - back to writing shopping lists (for this week/next week and MerryCa.)

Til next time...

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