Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Updates because I can and because everybody loves them!

After blogging I Yoga'd for 1/2 an hour and then Zumba'd for 1/2 an hour.

Eventually I got around to baking the challot. They came out really nicely and I'm very glad that I decided to make them in the small foil tins. I haven't tasted them yet - but they're the usual recipe so I'm guessing they'll be yummy enough. I got 8 small-medium-ish sized loaves out of a single recipe. 4 are stuffed with a sweet streusel and the other 4 are stuffed with 'Ratners Onion Roll' filling.

Z and I watched a whole bunch of episodes of 'Modern Family' today too. It was our 'unwind' time. Tuesdays sure are nice.

Tonight Z has class and his friend Elad from Jerusalem is sleeping over because they have a 'make-up' class tomorrow morning. So I guess I'll be making some stir-fry with rice for when they come Home for dinner.

In exciting news - there was a lot of streusel topping left-over from the challot so I'm gonna bake a coffee cake for breakfast tomorrow morning.

I haven't done the neverending project work yet. I'm procrastinating it and pretending that I'm going to do it when Z leaves for class...

I think maybe I'll just conveniently watch some more Desperate Housewives.

Fancy that.

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