Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down With Moe!

I've got to say that Shabbos was delightful and relaxing. I read my way through 2 of Juliet Marillier's books (Wildwood Dancing & Cybele's Secret) and took a nap cozy and cuddled under the fuzziest and softest blanket in the world.

Dinner was an incredible success. The food was delicious and I made just the right amount.

It rained and poured last night (and again this morning) which is good for the land and is good for the car - now it's slightly less covered in bat-poo and berries. (No - I didn't end up washing it last week - even though I meant to every single day.)

Lunch today kind of flopped. Ok, it totally flopped. First off - I forgot to make the fish until Z mentioned it when we sat down to dinner Friday night. Even worse, somehow I managed to seriously over-salt the gratin - so much so that it was completely inedible. I've never done that before. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I made it at night and therefore the lighting was bad so I couldn't accurately eyeball the salt sprinkling.

So we were stuck with just challah, chumus and a tossed green salad for our meal.

The afternoon flew by and as Z went out to maariv I decided to make a batch of cascasoon (Israeli Couscous with Onions and Chickpeas.) for melava malka.

Now a new week begins.

Tomorrow morning I'll be driving into Jeru (for the very first time) and I'll be going alone (so I'm kind of nervous.) I know I could always pick up students - so that I wouldn't have to be alone - but I doubt I will - my nerves are kind of stretched already. I reckon I'll be more comfortable with just my music and my focus on the road.

It's gonna be a challenge. I'm sure it'll be alright - but until it's over I'm just gonna be a bit stressed out.

Shavua tov and wish me luck!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Raindrops & Roses

Where did Thursday go? Ah yes, I remember. I woke up early and was scrubbing toilets and bathroom sinks before 9. (Lovely, huh?) By 10 I was baking half a batch of challah - I decided to shape 6 free-form mini-loaves. I also baked a batch of blondies and the potato gratin for Shabbos lunch.

Speaking of lunch - Z has a 3 hour break on Thursdays so he came Home and I made a pie of pizza for lunch. It was topped with gilboa cheese and a sprinkling of Parmesan. We ate it while watching (the worst episode ever of) Glee.

Dinner was spaghetti (ok, so technically spiral pastas) and meatballs for Z. 'The Freddie Couple' came over at a little before 8pm - but they brought their own eggs/bread & cream cheese for dinner. We worked on the invitation for about 2 hours and once it was as good as it was going to get they drove off into the night.

By 11pm my bed was calling to me but by the time I'd finished brushing my teeth and snuggled under the covers I just couldn't fall asleep. I managed to drift off until the gale-force winds whistling in through all of the windows woke me. Somewhere in the vicinity of 2am I wandered around shutting all of the windows. I was rewarded for my efforts when a little while while later I heard the splattering of big fat raindrops on the glass. At around 5am I fell asleep again but that only lasted until 7:30 when I popped out of bed.

Z & I left the house at a little after 9 this morning and ran some errands. First we stopped to check the mailbox - good thing we did because there was a 'package pick-up slip' waiting for us. So we went into town and stopped at the post office (it was a super-fun package from Aunt Sab! She sent all sorts of awesome Dr. Seuss stuff! A pin for my bag, stickers and the coolest magnets of Seuss characters which are now decorating my fridge!), the 'health-food' store (or is it just a 'natural foods' store?) and picked up flowers. Then we hopped over to Yesh to get some frozen peas (cause Shabbos just isn't Shabbos without 2 Tablespoons of peas with dinner.) On the way back into Ariel we stopped off in the industrial area to buy some chumus from a new(ish) felafel joint called Abu Dushi - 15 shekels gets you a nice sized container of the stuff that we've been hearing rave reviews about.

The most exciting part of the morning was the rain. It was only drizzling on the way into town but by the time we were ready to head to Yesh it was really coming down. So, we sat in the parking lot and it took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to work my windshield wipers. I think I've officially figured out the entire 'wiper-wand' - rear, front, wash 'em, wipe 'em... I'm good to go now. The only part of the rain that wasn't exciting had been my inane decision to wear my sheitel on our trip into town. Cause, come on - it's nice to get dressed-pretty every once in a while! Anywho - it frizzed from the humidity then the rain actually helped it and finally the wind blew in and made a mess of everything. Ah well. It was fun anyway!

Back at Home I made a delicious lunch for Z & me. We had fresh 'oven-fried' shnitzels while we watched The Big Bang Theory.

Now it's 2:30 and Z is sweeping/washing the floor. The food is all prepped and ready to go. Chicken soup and matzah balls just need to be brought to a boil, the garlic and Savta's roasted chicken need to be popped into the oven an hour before candle-lighting, the couscous and peas are ready and waiting to go onto the plata.

All that's left to do is set-up the plata and boil the urn. I'm guessing we'll want tea or hot chocolate since it looks like we're in for a chilly and hopefully rainy weekend.

Have a wonderful one!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Semolina & Such

Ever wake up in the morning and just have a feeling about how the day is going to turn out? Well, I do and it actually happens a lot. Wanna know the spooky thing? It's usually spot-on! Ok, maybe it's self-fulfilling prophecy - what can I say? This morning I woke up and knew that I would try something new and productive today. At first I thought it might actually involve doing the work that I've got on my 'to-do' pile. Turns out it was a lot more fun than that. Unbelievably enough I only watched 1 tv-show today - as in 1 episode of 1 tv-show! Can you believe my will-power?
Alright - truth is I undertook a bunch of time-consuming activities instead of watching television. The first thing I did was experiment with meringues. I had 6 egg whites in my freezer and I decided that the time had come to use them up. I spent about 15 minutes researching recipes then wandered into the kitchen and figured I'd come up with one on my own. 3 egg whites, 1/2 tsp lemon juice, 3/4 cup superfine sugar and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract later - I was piping meringues onto a baking sheet. Lo and behold - 2 hours later I propped open the oven door to let them finish drying. Crisp, sweet and vanilla-y. Delicious if I do say so myself!
The other time consuming project that I undertook today was of the bread-making variety. I'm on a 'clear out the freezer' kick and since there is soup in the freezer I decided that we'd be having soup for dinner. Of course, since I wasn't putting any effort into the soup I decided that fresh bread would be the right way to go. Not just any bread though, multi-purpose bread. Thus I became enthralled with the idea of bread-bowls. I looked through a whole batch of recipes and finally decided to try the one from Girl Versus Dough. (It called to me because she specifically mentioned that they held up to 2nd helpings of soup!)
I was a little nervous at first because they were kind of flat-ish looking when I took them out of the oven (I might have over-risen them a tad in the 2nd rise - though looking at the original recipe I'm not so sure) but I refused to be outdone by bread. So I cut off their tops, scooped out their innards and filled them to the brim with carrot soup.

The bowls were a bit small so they only held about a cup of soup - but the crust was thick and sturdy and held up wonderfully for second-helpings.
The trick is in allowing the crust to develop. It takes a bit of time - but is totally worth the wait.

As for objective taste-testers and their opinions -
The first thing Z said was, "this bread is delicious" the next thing he said was, "I've got to get seconds" the last thing I saw was him devouring the bowl.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Plastic Wrap Up

Today wasn't particularly unproductive. I say that in a joyful tone of sorts.

I woke up bright and early (remember? I posted then too...) and by 9am Z and I were taking a walk. We walked down the mountain and partway down the very longest road then we turned around and took a detour to the college campus to take care of some administrative type stuff. The last leg of our journey was back up the mountain - all the way Home.

I'm pleased to announce that I clocked 4,700-something steps today - that is a minor improvement from my 1,500 average 'in the house' steps. Don't you agree? Well - I'm happy about it. Tomorrow maybe I'll even aim for 6,000-something.

I also organized all of the clothes in my closet. (Ok - so I didn't have the patience to take care of the shelf in the middle closet or the toiletries/medicines shelves. Maybe tomorrow.) I finally agreed to part with a whole lot of clothes that I have been holding on to for sentimental reasons but haven't worn in over 5 years. See? I can be reasonable. Sometimes.

Z only had 1 class today which meant loads of 'quality time' for us. Oh yeah - and homework (read: goofing-off / spacing out) time.

I should probably go wash all of the dishes from today. I've been so good about keeping up with them and can't bear the thought of waking up to dirty dishes on the counter. I know - I'm a crazy person.

Not a clue what's going on tomorrow. I've got 'neverending project' work that really needs to be done and I should probably go grocery shopping at some point. I'm also thinking that I should bake my challot tomorrow because the weatherman says it's going to be balmy tomorrow but HOT on Thursday.

Decisions decisions - how I loathe them.

Fructose Malabsorption

Sunday was a supremely boring sort of day. Many episodes of Desperate Housewives and not much else productive. Z was busy doing homework (you'd think I'd be used to that by now) so I procrastinated the projects I had to do because sometimes working on the laptop with a spazzy external mouse gets tough. Thankfully it was cool and clear so I was able to laze around in a sweatshirt. Sunday night was the best part of the 24-hours - Sara D came for dinner. I experimented and tried this Pasta with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Fresh Basil. I used those hollow-spaghettis, which was nice and different because for once I didn't end up shpritzing tomato-sauce all over my clothes. We hung out and shmoozed over bowls of pasta and when Z got home from his 'community service hours as an English teachers assistant' (which he needs to do this year in order to receive the misrad haklita money for his tuition) we fed him some pasta and 'chilled' some more. At a little before 9 I drove Sara back down to the campus so that she wouldn't be late for a study-group. That way she got back on time and I got to start the car so that it doesn't whither away from neglect in the parking lot.

Monday was much the same as Tuesday. Many many episodes of Desperate Housewives. Although I was slightly more productive. I attempted to design a graphic for the front of the wedding invitation and I wore my new pedometer all day. Sadly I was more successful with the graphic and was left feeling let down with the pedometer when I realized that on days that I don't leave my house (which was just about all of them this past year) that I average about 1,500 steps per day. (According to my research - most typical people average at least 3,000 steps per day.) Anywho - I definitely need to start getting out more. I'm pretty sure that the lethargy and kvetchiness stem from lack of physical activity. (I could go play bball with the girls every week - but I never feel well in the evenings and it's always worse if I've eaten that day and I refuse to starve-myself so that I can go get exercise. That seems kind of counter-productive to 'getting healthy' for some odd reason.)

Right - so back to Monday...

Mean'ma and Phil bought fabric for the gowns in Tel Aviv. I can't wait to see mine! Z had class from 9-9 so it was a long quiet day. I shmoozed with Shosh and the shmooshies for a while (which really needs no metion cause it's one of those just-about-every-day things. But I do appreciate it - it's nice to have somebody(s) to talk to.)

At around 4:30pm I put together dough for a batch of oatmeal rolls. It rose beautifully and I ate 2 fresh out of the oven. They are scrumptious. I also cooked up a batch of mushroom barley soup - I used the recipe from The Moosewood Cookbook - which I love because the wine and soy sauce give it an incredible boost of deliciousness.

Eventually Z got Home from school and we watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother - he had a little too much fun because he realized that he can use his new 'ITouch' as a remote-control. (He's already done this with 'ITunes' and the 'IHome' docking station that we've got in the kitchen to play music from.) Basically he can pause/play/fast forward/rewind/adjust volume and anything else you may need from the comfort of his seat.

After such a long day bedtime was nice and early at 11pm.

Now it's Tuesday and I'm thinking it's time to do some of those chores that I've been procrastinating. The clothes in my closet really need to get sorted through. I really should do that work for 'the neverending project' and I want to wrap up the invitations already. I should also go grocery shopping at some point. (Although - making my menu plan this week while staring at the contents of the pantry makes shopping almost unnecessary.)

On second though - maybe I'll go for a nice long walk. If I can drop just another 6kg I'll weigh the same thing as Z.

Wouldn't that be funny?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snack Sized

Shabbos was quiet and relaxing. Basically it was exactly what I needed. This was (almost unbelievably enough) the very first weekend (since July) that we were Home alone together. Thinking back that seems hard to believe - but looking at my 'yoman' it's a fact.

Thankfully the temperature decided to be slightly more seasonally appropriate so the chicken soup was perfect in the chilly night-air. I made a simple Italian-style chicken (roughly chopped garlic, halved cherry tomatoes, kosher salt, pepper, olive oil and a splash of dry white wine) and we had couscous on the side to soak up the sauce.

Lunch today was light and brunch-y. I went with a tossed green salad and the ever-popular vegetable lasagna (I even put 2 into the freezer for some day in the near future when I'm too lazy to cook.)

The day passed really quickly and before I was ready it was time to drip havdalah-candle-wax on the tablecloth and straighten up the apartment. Then it was homework/quiet time.

This week should be fun. Sara D might be joining us for dinner tomorrow night and Meanma wants me to drive to Tel Aviv on Monday (eeeek!) to go fabric shopping.

Good news is that I've been feeling slightly better the last few days (don't get too excited - there's still a REALLY long way to go) but it's a beginning and I'm hopeful and optimistic.

There's even talk of getting a gym-membership at the nearby 'country club' and now that I've got my pedometer it's definitely time to start walking.

After all - I have a gown to fit into in just 2 short months...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Month Old Fuzz

Our shopping expedition yesterday was extremely successful. It's so much fun to be able to buy frozen stuff, drive home and then put the frozen stuff into the freezer before it's completely defrosted! Gosh I feel like a spoiled brat! (No nasty comments please...Thanks in advance.)

Last night Ora and Shlomo joined us for dinner. I wound up making plain ol' un-baked ziti since it was a last-minute sort of thing. Still the company was really nice and we really enjoyed meeting Shlomo.

Thankfully the temperature dropped last night and when I woke up this morning it was delightfully almost chilly. The afternoon has arrived and the thermometer is holding steady at 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. A bazillion heartfelt thanks to The Big Guy Upstairs.

Z had to leave by 7:30 to catch a bus from school to Tel-Aviv for a 'school trip' - so it was an early morning. I was a nice wife though and made him 2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to take for lunch. I even packed him a snack-sized Twix bar - cause I'm just so sweet like that. (Again - no comments.)

I lazed around and did some laundry until it was time to head out to do a couple of errands. Have I mentioned how convenient it is to be able to drive directly to where I need to be and then leave when I'm done there?! It's incredible!

Back at Home I did some more laundry (I'm catching up from the last 2 weeks.) I should really start cooking for Shabbos. Luckily while I was getting chicken out of the freezer (we're trying this kind of chicken this week) this morning I stumbled upon 3 loaves of challah (so I guess I don't need to bake) and a container of chicken soup not to mention a whole bunch of matzah balls. So I'm already further along than I'd anticipated. I've just got to put together the lasagnas (one for lunch and one for the freezer.)

I'm still trying to decide what to make for dinner. I took some chicken-breast out of the freezer so maybe I'll make something special. It is the first night I'm cooking a 'real' dinner in a couple of weeks - so might as well make it something special. Right? And if I'm lazy and just saute the chicken and make a sauce for with it then I can make chicken pot-pie with the leftovers next week. Hmmm, this is sounding like a very good plan.

Time to get cooking - wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Many Antioxidants

Monday morning was super busy - Meanma and I did errands all around The Sun House. Monday afternoon Z finally came Home and brought even more presents with him! I was wiped and feeling 'ick' so we opted to stay in the air-conditioning for the night.

Tuesday morning I was awake by 6am but felt bad waking Z. (He seemed so tired and all.) I tried to wait patiently until a 'normal' hour but started freaking out about driving on the highway. Finally at a little before 10 I decided on the 'now or never' route - so we packed up the car and left.

Incredibly enough I only almost killed us once on the drive - alright, so I'm exaggerating a teensy bit - but it was pretty scary.

After parking we emptied the car and shlepped everything upstairs. Then we cleaned out the fridge and unpacked most of the bags.

The weather is driving me insane. It's shmoiling hot and for some reason the countryside is on fire so all of the air that comes into the apartment is smoke-laden which makes it hard to breathe on top of the fact that the humidity is so low that drinking almost 3 liters of water yesterday didn't even help to keep me hydrated. I was hopeful that the weather-man hadn't lied and that I'd only have to suffer through 1 more day of unbearable heat - but when I woke up at 4am (for the 3rd time) I noticed that the forecast had been 'updated' and that these sharav-conditions will be lasting until Friday and then only a brief reprieve of semi-cool weather until the middle of next week. It's the end of October for heaven's sake! Where the heck is my winter?!?!?!?!?

I was supposed to wake up early this morning and go grocery shopping but between the not-sleeping last night, my stomach and the heat I didn't have the energy to wake up early and go. I figure - if it's really going to be 95F this afternoon that I should go to the a/c grocery store during the 'heat of the day' - meaning later this afternoon. I suppose if it gets really bad I can always go take a nap in the car.

To-do list for today includes; washing a whole lot of dishes, a whole lotta laundry, more unpacking and maybe even organizing the clothes in my closet.

Dinner is going to be something quick and stove-top friendly. Probably a pasta dish with some sort of sauce. I think I have cream so maybe I'll try this but I also have some feta which needs to be used so maybe I'll try this. So many options!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Revolutionary Soldiers!

Woke up early to a slightly overcast morning - then I realized it wasn't so much overcast as it was really early.

After a refreshing shower and some clean clothes I made my way downstairs and convinced Yo'Abba to come with me on a trip to visit the mechanics (I had to get a form signed and stamped.) On the way we stopped off at the post office and the grocery store. So much fun!

Back at the house we heated up some deeelicious Shabbos leftovers and had some lunch.

Just as we sat down the phone rang - it was the delivery man from the airport - he had arrived with the 'not-quite-as-lost-as-we-thought-they-were' suitcases. We shlepped them inside and dove right in! Presents and presents and presents galore! Hooray! Super duper exciting!!! New clothes and candy and all sorts of fun stuff!

Now it's the early afternoon and there's still a whole lot more to do today. I've got to pick up some more Vitamin D drops at the pharmacy and then we've got some stuff to 'toivel' and tonight the girls are going to meet a seamstress in Jerusalem about gowns for the wedding. Busy busy busy!

I'm way too psyched about tomorrow though - Z is FINALLY coming Home!!!

I can't wait!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wee Horse...

Shavua tov everybody! Shabbos was relaxing and enjoyable.Sarah Leah joined the fambily in The Sun House and we celebrated her month-belated birthday. The birthday treat of the weekend were super-chocolate mini-cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. There was also bobka filled with either chocolate or an apple cinnamon mixture.
Motzei Shabbat we had a cinnamon bun baking marathon. We tried a non-rise recipe while the yeasted batch rose. While we waited for all of the yumminess to come out of the oven we browsed through a gazillion gowns online looking for inspiration for gowns for the wedding.
Hopefully tomorrow the suitcases will be delivered and I'll be getting lots of presents. I'm extremely hopeful and excited.
Just 2 more nights and 1.25 days until Z is back Home with me - where he belongs.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lactose Tolerant

Today was a 100% boring day in paradise.

I woke up early and lazed around in bed until it was fashionably late. Then I wandered around the house in pajamas for a little bit. Eventually I made myself some breakfast and ate it while watching tv.

The rest of the day is a blur of tv shows and a movie with Phil. I spoke with Z for about 1/2 an hour while he was on the train to Connecticut to visit his grandmother. I also tried to get an update regarding my suitcases - they're supposedly in the hands of Delta somewhere in JFK at the moment.

The productive things I did today included cleaning the white-stuff out of the electric-kettle and baking a batch of mini chocolate cupcakes for Shabbos.

I really like those 'grill' flavored Doritos. You know - the ones in the purple bag.

Hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday (again) - the only reason I know that is because Meanma made chicken soup today - so I got to smell the smell of chicken soup which reminded me that Shabbos is coming.

I'm feeling a teensy bit space-cadet-like and should probably go to sleep nice and early.

Considering it's already 10pm - I'd say it's sleepy time, right about - now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Very Green Jelly Bean

I woke up waaaay too early considering I'm on vacation. By 9:15 I was dropping my cute little car off to be 'snazzified' and then Yo'Abba and I took a detour to 'town' on the way back to the house. We stopped off at the bank and at the bakery (for some awesomely delicious Yemenite pitot.)

To fill up the morning hours Yo'Abba and I trouble-shot (trouble-shooted?) Meanma's desktop computer. Turns out the power-supply had spontaneously combusted and burnt itself out at some point. (No wonder it wouldn't turn on.)

At a little after 11 I picked the car up and was super excited about all the new goodies that had been installed. Now we're armed with a coded immobilizer, there's a really cool colorful display reverse radar shmidget. I even got 2 remote keychains so that I can lock the car doors from afar and I don't need to remember to manually lock them with the key each time.

The rest of the afternoon went by pretty quickly and before I knew it the girls had to head to Chashmonaim to check out '____-of-the-bride' gowns at a g'mach. Unfortunately none of us managed to find anything but we had a lot of fun looking through the racks and trying things on.

The ride back to The Sun House was uneventful and we put up dinner as soon as we got in. I was on noodle-duty while Meanma sauteed chicken fillets and we put together a quick sauce (onion, garlic, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and broccoli) to put on top of everything. Overall it was quite delicious.

After dinner I drove Frank McNugget up to SuperH to pick out some nosh for his tiyul shnati.

Back at the house I helped figure out a shabbos plan and then the Dibble kept me company while I blogged this post.

Now he's examining my tweezers - so I think I'll sign off and save them.

Just 5 nights and 4.25 days until my Zsh comes Home...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reedem Enweep

Gosh this vacation is shaping up to be busy.

Yesterday afternoon I visited Sarah Baila (our very favorite sheitel-lady) - and for the record - yup, I drove there! After almost 2 years of sitting forlornly on the bottom-shelf of a bookcase I decided to give my sheitel a 2nd try. It got washed and then we brain-stormed - the conclusion was to go gelled and wavy as opposed to straight and floofy. It was a brilliant suggestion and the piece looks absolutely adorable! See? I wore it today! On a Tuesday! how crazy is that?
This morning Meanma and I did some shopping at BIG (I got an awesome hot-pink cardigan for 69 shekels) and then took a quick trip to Tzora and finally did some grocery shopping at SuperSol.

This afternoon Dibble, Frank and I visited Saba&Savta. Yup - I drove there too!

Sometime between the morning and the afternoon Yo'Abba experimented in the kitchen - the results were delicious.
We rushed out of Saba&Savta's to get back home in order to make a double batch of bagels for dinner. Dibble helped make the dough, I shaped the bagels (note to self: if you want the bagels to retain their holes - make the holes REALLY big when shaping!) Then Eli helped with the boiling/egging/topping part of the process.

I picked up Frank McNugget from his drum lesson and on the way home Yo'Abba explained how to keep wear&tear on the brakes at a minimum. It was my first time driving at night in over 7 years!

Freddie and her beau cooked up an incredible pot of mushroom barley soup to go along with the bagel spread. Oh yes - and dinner was extremely delicious!

Tomorrow is gonna be a super busy day.

Stay tuned...

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Additions!

Yesterday Becca & I drove down to The Sun House and had a wonderful lunch with Mean'ma and Yo'Abba of minestrone soup and garlic knots.

Last night we turned the extra dough into pizza crusts which we prebaked with salt & olive oil. Then we poured sauce and cheese on top and broiled it until the cheese was melted, bubbly and delicious.

This morning dawned bright and sunny. After a quick breakfast of (pareve oat milk) pancakes we headed out to run some errands.

Look what we picked up along the way:
How exciting is that?!

We've officially got freedom! Our very own set of wheels! No more public transportation for me! I am ridiculously excited!

Many thanks to Saba&Savta and the parentals for all their help through the car-buying process!

Special thanks to the brave few family members who consented to sit in the car with me when I drove for the very first time in over 3 years!

7 nights and 6.5 days until Z comes Home...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mrs. May or May Not

Shabbos was really wonderful. Obviously - it was exactly as I'd expected.

Friday morning dawned bright and cool - then the clouds rolled in from the coast (we watched them approaching) and the rains came. I got loads of cooking done super-early in the day and we even left the house and went to the grocery store and took a drive around the city. I managed to polish the candlesticks and I even squeegeed the back-doors after the first rain and sponja'd the mirpeset. Now the glass is all clean (thanks to the second and third rains) and the mirpeset is a whole lot cleaner than it was.

Freddie, Phil, Raizi and Sara arrived a couple of hours before Shabbos. Freddie made the chicken piccada and Raizi cooked up a batch of caramel to pour on the turtle brownies.

Shabbos came in nice and early but since it was chilly out and the front door of the building has been locked lately we decided to skip shul. Instead we davened kabalat shabbat together in the living room. Dinner was a leisurely affair. We started it at 6PM and dragged everything out until 8 (when the plata went off) - the numerous breaks and 'digestion periods' allowed us to eat a whole lot more than we usually would have.

In the morning we pushed off lunch until almost noon and had an enjoyable light dairy brunch.

Both meals included singing and shmoozing. Quite nice if I do say so myself.

What did we eat? Well, I had challot leftover from sukkot so we had a couple of those and a plain loaf too.

Friday Night: roasted garlic, chumus, chicken soup with matzah balls, chicken piccada, rice, glazed sweet potatoes

Shabbat Lunch: chumus, pickles, big tossed salad (with optional croutons, roasted sunflower seeds), roasted veggie strips (sweet potatoes, eggplants & zucchinis), tomato-onion cheese quiche, a half-fillet of Rochel's Salmon, mini dairy-free broccoli quiches (for Phil), challah kugel (with maple syrup - of course)

We spent the afternoon relaxing, reading and sleeping. Phil read me a whole lotta Dr. Seuss and we took many frequent dessert breaks.

We watched the sky get dark after an incredibly beautiful sunset and then quicker than a sneeze Shabbos was over.

The girls packed up and headed home. Freddie is starting school today - so she needed to get home to pack her backpack and find her lucky pen.

Becca and I straightened up the apartment and then crashed on the comfy-couch in the office to watch 'How to Train Your Dragon' - which was totally great!

Now it's Sunday and it's time to get moving. I've got to pack-up cause I'm going to the Sun House today and I'll be there until Z comes Home.

Just another 8 nights and 8.25 days...

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Carrot Soup

It's so funny how things can change. In high-school I loved having my own room. Now that I'm all grown-up I have my own apartment - so sharing a room doesn't bother me as much. (Ok - maybe the happy-feeling is just knowing that the mess is my mess and that if I want it cleaned that I've got to clean it - rather than having a loving mother (or very agitated sister) boss me around and make me clean when I don't want to...)

I have gone away multiple times without Z in the 2.5 years that we've been married. But - it's always me leaving and going off on some adventure. I'm never the one stuck at Home alone. (Well, sometimes for a night - thanks to stupid school projects and procrastination - but never for a week at a time.)

What I'm trying to say is - I didn't sleep so well last night. I kept waking up and looking over at his bed and wondering when he'd be getting Home - then I'd remember through the exhausted fog that I was stuck in that it's going to be a while. It was kind of sad. Thank goodness I've got Toffee.

At 5:45 this morning I was wide-awake and I seriously considered getting up and starting my cooking for Shabbos. The only reason that I decided to read instead was because I figured I'd need something to occupy my afternoon.

At 7:00 this morning the earth-mover started doing his job. Now that the building-freeze is over the construction crews have to make up for lost time. Yesterday they were out there from 7am-5pm. I'm assuming that this will be the schedule from here-on-in. I'm hopeful that they don't work in the rain and on top of that I'm hoping it's a super-duper rainy winter. I already miss my quiet!

By 9:00 I was fed up so I decided to do some productive stuff. I started by watering the plants. I took the stuff for Shabbos out of the freezer to defrost so that I can cook later. I put up a big pot of chicken soup (cause even though I've got a container in the freezer - it's so nice to have the house smell like chicken soup on erev-shabbos!) I put away all of the dishes and put in a load of laundry.

Becca came to stay with me today and she'll be keeping me company until I pack up and move to The Sun House for a bit.

She was awesome today - she washed dishes and got me off of my lazy tush and together we got quiche crust ready, baked a batch of apple pie bars and a batch of blondies.

There's a whole batch of work left for tomorrow. I wasn't quite as productive today as I should've been. I've still got to clean bathrooms, wash laundry, cook, make up a few beds, polish the candlesticks and a whole bunch of other chores.

It's 8:30pm and I am zonked (though I'm not quite sure from what.)

11 nights and 10 days til' Z comes Home...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Long Lonely Days...

Today I kept an hourly log of the day. Right before Z left to catch his bus/train(s)/plane(s) he told me not to post it. Gotta admit - it was kind of depressing to read. So I decided to scrap it and start over.

Today was busy and yet uneventful. Z took care of a whole lot of paperwork and schoolwork - he also did the grocery shopping and straightened up the whole apartment. He's decidedly the awesomest husband ever.

I spent my day on the couch for the most part. I did do 2 loads of laundry - 1 of sheets, odds&ends and 1 of towels. I also fed Z lunch and dinner - so I guess that gets me some 'nice wife points' too.

Anywho - now I'm Home all alone in the middle-of-nowhere. It's a little bit sad and lonely. I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow so that I can get the Shabbos cooking done.

You'll have to forgive me for the last line - I'm saddish - cantcha tell:
12 nights & 11 days until Z is back Home with me...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired”

Woke up at a little after 7 this morning. Probably had something to do with going to sleep on the early side last night. Funnily enough I was still tired. Imagine that.

Z davened shacharit and took down the sukkah and while he was busy I cooked up a batch of hash-browns for breakfast. The red-skinned potatoes I had were the kind that get sort of mushy and not crunchy. Not complaining though - they tasted really good. Especially since I had the green pepper to put in too. Sounds crazy - but the dish just doesn't taste the same without the pepper.

Once the sukkah was all put away in the hall under the stairs I washed the 'wall-cloths' and we put them away with all of the decorations. Since we were in the guest room Z decided that it was time to 'organize' - so he cleaned off the shelving unit and went through all of the drawers. I sorted through 2bags of clothing (and got rid of a bag and a half of it.) Finally we moved all of my old school-notes (that I went through a couple of months ago) and whatnot from the office into the guest room.

Once the guest room was organized we tackled the office. I dusted the bookcases (for the first time in over a year) and it was a disgustingly dirty job. I went through most of a roll of paper towels - I guess that's what happens when you have a dust-storm blow through the apartment every 2 weeks or so. We either need to get doors for the bookcases or dust more often...

After cleaning the shelves, moving around a couple of books (3 shelves worth) and reorganizing the knick-knacks - we were able to organize the router and all the other blinky-light apparatuses on an empty shelf near the wall with a little lamp. Z also set up the printer on a snack-table next to the couch - which means our fax/copier/scanner/printer is now good-to-go (all from the comfort of the couch - of course.)

We threw out 3 enormous bags of garbage. Gosh it felt good!

Lunch was lasagna and cream-cheese sandwiches. Now I'm feeling quite ill so I'm curled up on the couch and Z is washing all of the dishes and straightening up the kitchen. I hope he doesn't want dinner - I'm feeling too gross to even heat something up for him in the microwave.

I'm a terrible wife and meanwhile he's trying to get the whole house in order before he leaves.

He's leaving tomorrow. I'm really sad about it. On the one hand I wish I were going too (even though travelling would be the worst possible option for me) or I wish he wasn't going (but he has to go because he needs to see his family) - basically it's lose/lose for me. Partly it's because I'm so selfish and don't want to be home all alone when I feel so miserable 80% of the time and partly because I'm gonna miss him a lot.

Ok - mostly because I'm gonna miss him a lot.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Oatmeal Creme

Ever spent a day facing a zillion and one fears?

Well - I was really busy today doing just that.

First order of business - a blood test. They filled up 4 vials! Did I mention that I went in all alone? I know - seems silly - but it was a pretty darn big deal for me. (Remember how much I hate needles?)

Second order of business - calling random strangers. I know - I supposedly faced this fear working in an office for 3 years - still, when it's about very personal subjects it gets kind of weird and hard to do.

Lastly I got behind the wheel of not just 1 but 2 cars today. I haven't driven anywhere since April 29, 2007 so I was kind of really super duper extremely nervous about the whole thing. Luckily for me - the proverbial 'they' weren't kidding when they said that driving is one of those things that you just don't forget how to do. You know - like riding a bike and breathing...

Still - driving that practically new 2009 Chevy Cruze was kind of nervewracking - might've been that it's such a 'boy car' and it didn't help that the sporty little thing was that crazy bright blue color! Nevertheless at the end of the day it was exhausting but it was also a lot of fun.

Back at home dinner was a desperate attempt to finish off some of the many leftovers from chag and shabbos.

Speaking of shabbos - it's coming up again - but not until we get Home, Z leaves for the USofA, Becca comes to stay by me and keep me company in my utter loneliness then a craaazy busy girls shabbos. We've got all the beds booked and the menu planned. (It's all a ploy to empty out the freezer.) Oh yeah - and Raizi is bringing turtle-brownies - YUM!!! Yay for sisters!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Where to begin?

Well - I didn't make it to Tel Aviv with the family on Tuesday (thanks to my stomach) - I made it as far as the gas-station by BIG and then had the family turn around and drop me off back at the house.

Wednesday was erev-chag which was a little bit crazy what with prep and all - but we made it to Sheinfeld in the last available 2 minutes (or maybe while chag was starting) and partied it up at Saba & Savta's house. Delicious meal and fun company. (If only I hadn't had to rush out to make it across town before a 2nd stomach spaz-out session.)

Thursday was nice and relaxing. We had a nice late lunch of chicken-pot-pie (which turned out absolutely delicious) and then spent the afternoon playing Settlers of Catan. Motzei Chag was a little bit hectic. Daddy and the little boys went to hakafot shniyot in Sheinfeld - in the meantime - Eli and Z took down our sukkah here and the girls put together all the food for shabbos.

Friday morning started nice and early. A car-full of the family drove into Jerusalem to do some errands. Town, Geulah, Emek Refaim, Machane Yehuda and the like. We got back to The Sun House a little on the late side but not too late to handle.

Shabbos was a lot of fun. Many games of Settlers, lots of reading, really yummy food.

Motzash was pretty busy too - Z, Yo'Abba and Ez took down Saba & Savta's sukkah, Freddie came back from her extended weekend in Petach-Tikva, Avi worked on a book report, Meanman learned how to clear off the memory card from her camera and so on and so forth.

Tomorrow is hopefully the last day of the heatwave (we're hoping so anyway.)

Then we'll be on our way Home - just in time for Z to leave on his trip to shmutz la'aretz.