Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down With Moe!

I've got to say that Shabbos was delightful and relaxing. I read my way through 2 of Juliet Marillier's books (Wildwood Dancing & Cybele's Secret) and took a nap cozy and cuddled under the fuzziest and softest blanket in the world.

Dinner was an incredible success. The food was delicious and I made just the right amount.

It rained and poured last night (and again this morning) which is good for the land and is good for the car - now it's slightly less covered in bat-poo and berries. (No - I didn't end up washing it last week - even though I meant to every single day.)

Lunch today kind of flopped. Ok, it totally flopped. First off - I forgot to make the fish until Z mentioned it when we sat down to dinner Friday night. Even worse, somehow I managed to seriously over-salt the gratin - so much so that it was completely inedible. I've never done that before. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I made it at night and therefore the lighting was bad so I couldn't accurately eyeball the salt sprinkling.

So we were stuck with just challah, chumus and a tossed green salad for our meal.

The afternoon flew by and as Z went out to maariv I decided to make a batch of cascasoon (Israeli Couscous with Onions and Chickpeas.) for melava malka.

Now a new week begins.

Tomorrow morning I'll be driving into Jeru (for the very first time) and I'll be going alone (so I'm kind of nervous.) I know I could always pick up students - so that I wouldn't have to be alone - but I doubt I will - my nerves are kind of stretched already. I reckon I'll be more comfortable with just my music and my focus on the road.

It's gonna be a challenge. I'm sure it'll be alright - but until it's over I'm just gonna be a bit stressed out.

Shavua tov and wish me luck!

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