Saturday, October 02, 2010


Where to begin?

Well - I didn't make it to Tel Aviv with the family on Tuesday (thanks to my stomach) - I made it as far as the gas-station by BIG and then had the family turn around and drop me off back at the house.

Wednesday was erev-chag which was a little bit crazy what with prep and all - but we made it to Sheinfeld in the last available 2 minutes (or maybe while chag was starting) and partied it up at Saba & Savta's house. Delicious meal and fun company. (If only I hadn't had to rush out to make it across town before a 2nd stomach spaz-out session.)

Thursday was nice and relaxing. We had a nice late lunch of chicken-pot-pie (which turned out absolutely delicious) and then spent the afternoon playing Settlers of Catan. Motzei Chag was a little bit hectic. Daddy and the little boys went to hakafot shniyot in Sheinfeld - in the meantime - Eli and Z took down our sukkah here and the girls put together all the food for shabbos.

Friday morning started nice and early. A car-full of the family drove into Jerusalem to do some errands. Town, Geulah, Emek Refaim, Machane Yehuda and the like. We got back to The Sun House a little on the late side but not too late to handle.

Shabbos was a lot of fun. Many games of Settlers, lots of reading, really yummy food.

Motzash was pretty busy too - Z, Yo'Abba and Ez took down Saba & Savta's sukkah, Freddie came back from her extended weekend in Petach-Tikva, Avi worked on a book report, Meanman learned how to clear off the memory card from her camera and so on and so forth.

Tomorrow is hopefully the last day of the heatwave (we're hoping so anyway.)

Then we'll be on our way Home - just in time for Z to leave on his trip to shmutz la'aretz.

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