Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fructose Malabsorption

Sunday was a supremely boring sort of day. Many episodes of Desperate Housewives and not much else productive. Z was busy doing homework (you'd think I'd be used to that by now) so I procrastinated the projects I had to do because sometimes working on the laptop with a spazzy external mouse gets tough. Thankfully it was cool and clear so I was able to laze around in a sweatshirt. Sunday night was the best part of the 24-hours - Sara D came for dinner. I experimented and tried this Pasta with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Fresh Basil. I used those hollow-spaghettis, which was nice and different because for once I didn't end up shpritzing tomato-sauce all over my clothes. We hung out and shmoozed over bowls of pasta and when Z got home from his 'community service hours as an English teachers assistant' (which he needs to do this year in order to receive the misrad haklita money for his tuition) we fed him some pasta and 'chilled' some more. At a little before 9 I drove Sara back down to the campus so that she wouldn't be late for a study-group. That way she got back on time and I got to start the car so that it doesn't whither away from neglect in the parking lot.

Monday was much the same as Tuesday. Many many episodes of Desperate Housewives. Although I was slightly more productive. I attempted to design a graphic for the front of the wedding invitation and I wore my new pedometer all day. Sadly I was more successful with the graphic and was left feeling let down with the pedometer when I realized that on days that I don't leave my house (which was just about all of them this past year) that I average about 1,500 steps per day. (According to my research - most typical people average at least 3,000 steps per day.) Anywho - I definitely need to start getting out more. I'm pretty sure that the lethargy and kvetchiness stem from lack of physical activity. (I could go play bball with the girls every week - but I never feel well in the evenings and it's always worse if I've eaten that day and I refuse to starve-myself so that I can go get exercise. That seems kind of counter-productive to 'getting healthy' for some odd reason.)

Right - so back to Monday...

Mean'ma and Phil bought fabric for the gowns in Tel Aviv. I can't wait to see mine! Z had class from 9-9 so it was a long quiet day. I shmoozed with Shosh and the shmooshies for a while (which really needs no metion cause it's one of those just-about-every-day things. But I do appreciate it - it's nice to have somebody(s) to talk to.)

At around 4:30pm I put together dough for a batch of oatmeal rolls. It rose beautifully and I ate 2 fresh out of the oven. They are scrumptious. I also cooked up a batch of mushroom barley soup - I used the recipe from The Moosewood Cookbook - which I love because the wine and soy sauce give it an incredible boost of deliciousness.

Eventually Z got Home from school and we watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother - he had a little too much fun because he realized that he can use his new 'ITouch' as a remote-control. (He's already done this with 'ITunes' and the 'IHome' docking station that we've got in the kitchen to play music from.) Basically he can pause/play/fast forward/rewind/adjust volume and anything else you may need from the comfort of his seat.

After such a long day bedtime was nice and early at 11pm.

Now it's Tuesday and I'm thinking it's time to do some of those chores that I've been procrastinating. The clothes in my closet really need to get sorted through. I really should do that work for 'the neverending project' and I want to wrap up the invitations already. I should also go grocery shopping at some point. (Although - making my menu plan this week while staring at the contents of the pantry makes shopping almost unnecessary.)

On second though - maybe I'll go for a nice long walk. If I can drop just another 6kg I'll weigh the same thing as Z.

Wouldn't that be funny?

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