Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Many Antioxidants

Monday morning was super busy - Meanma and I did errands all around The Sun House. Monday afternoon Z finally came Home and brought even more presents with him! I was wiped and feeling 'ick' so we opted to stay in the air-conditioning for the night.

Tuesday morning I was awake by 6am but felt bad waking Z. (He seemed so tired and all.) I tried to wait patiently until a 'normal' hour but started freaking out about driving on the highway. Finally at a little before 10 I decided on the 'now or never' route - so we packed up the car and left.

Incredibly enough I only almost killed us once on the drive - alright, so I'm exaggerating a teensy bit - but it was pretty scary.

After parking we emptied the car and shlepped everything upstairs. Then we cleaned out the fridge and unpacked most of the bags.

The weather is driving me insane. It's shmoiling hot and for some reason the countryside is on fire so all of the air that comes into the apartment is smoke-laden which makes it hard to breathe on top of the fact that the humidity is so low that drinking almost 3 liters of water yesterday didn't even help to keep me hydrated. I was hopeful that the weather-man hadn't lied and that I'd only have to suffer through 1 more day of unbearable heat - but when I woke up at 4am (for the 3rd time) I noticed that the forecast had been 'updated' and that these sharav-conditions will be lasting until Friday and then only a brief reprieve of semi-cool weather until the middle of next week. It's the end of October for heaven's sake! Where the heck is my winter?!?!?!?!?

I was supposed to wake up early this morning and go grocery shopping but between the not-sleeping last night, my stomach and the heat I didn't have the energy to wake up early and go. I figure - if it's really going to be 95F this afternoon that I should go to the a/c grocery store during the 'heat of the day' - meaning later this afternoon. I suppose if it gets really bad I can always go take a nap in the car.

To-do list for today includes; washing a whole lot of dishes, a whole lotta laundry, more unpacking and maybe even organizing the clothes in my closet.

Dinner is going to be something quick and stove-top friendly. Probably a pasta dish with some sort of sauce. I think I have cream so maybe I'll try this but I also have some feta which needs to be used so maybe I'll try this. So many options!

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