Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mrs. May or May Not

Shabbos was really wonderful. Obviously - it was exactly as I'd expected.

Friday morning dawned bright and cool - then the clouds rolled in from the coast (we watched them approaching) and the rains came. I got loads of cooking done super-early in the day and we even left the house and went to the grocery store and took a drive around the city. I managed to polish the candlesticks and I even squeegeed the back-doors after the first rain and sponja'd the mirpeset. Now the glass is all clean (thanks to the second and third rains) and the mirpeset is a whole lot cleaner than it was.

Freddie, Phil, Raizi and Sara arrived a couple of hours before Shabbos. Freddie made the chicken piccada and Raizi cooked up a batch of caramel to pour on the turtle brownies.

Shabbos came in nice and early but since it was chilly out and the front door of the building has been locked lately we decided to skip shul. Instead we davened kabalat shabbat together in the living room. Dinner was a leisurely affair. We started it at 6PM and dragged everything out until 8 (when the plata went off) - the numerous breaks and 'digestion periods' allowed us to eat a whole lot more than we usually would have.

In the morning we pushed off lunch until almost noon and had an enjoyable light dairy brunch.

Both meals included singing and shmoozing. Quite nice if I do say so myself.

What did we eat? Well, I had challot leftover from sukkot so we had a couple of those and a plain loaf too.

Friday Night: roasted garlic, chumus, chicken soup with matzah balls, chicken piccada, rice, glazed sweet potatoes

Shabbat Lunch: chumus, pickles, big tossed salad (with optional croutons, roasted sunflower seeds), roasted veggie strips (sweet potatoes, eggplants & zucchinis), tomato-onion cheese quiche, a half-fillet of Rochel's Salmon, mini dairy-free broccoli quiches (for Phil), challah kugel (with maple syrup - of course)

We spent the afternoon relaxing, reading and sleeping. Phil read me a whole lotta Dr. Seuss and we took many frequent dessert breaks.

We watched the sky get dark after an incredibly beautiful sunset and then quicker than a sneeze Shabbos was over.

The girls packed up and headed home. Freddie is starting school today - so she needed to get home to pack her backpack and find her lucky pen.

Becca and I straightened up the apartment and then crashed on the comfy-couch in the office to watch 'How to Train Your Dragon' - which was totally great!

Now it's Sunday and it's time to get moving. I've got to pack-up cause I'm going to the Sun House today and I'll be there until Z comes Home.

Just another 8 nights and 8.25 days...

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