Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Plastic Wrap Up

Today wasn't particularly unproductive. I say that in a joyful tone of sorts.

I woke up bright and early (remember? I posted then too...) and by 9am Z and I were taking a walk. We walked down the mountain and partway down the very longest road then we turned around and took a detour to the college campus to take care of some administrative type stuff. The last leg of our journey was back up the mountain - all the way Home.

I'm pleased to announce that I clocked 4,700-something steps today - that is a minor improvement from my 1,500 average 'in the house' steps. Don't you agree? Well - I'm happy about it. Tomorrow maybe I'll even aim for 6,000-something.

I also organized all of the clothes in my closet. (Ok - so I didn't have the patience to take care of the shelf in the middle closet or the toiletries/medicines shelves. Maybe tomorrow.) I finally agreed to part with a whole lot of clothes that I have been holding on to for sentimental reasons but haven't worn in over 5 years. See? I can be reasonable. Sometimes.

Z only had 1 class today which meant loads of 'quality time' for us. Oh yeah - and homework (read: goofing-off / spacing out) time.

I should probably go wash all of the dishes from today. I've been so good about keeping up with them and can't bear the thought of waking up to dirty dishes on the counter. I know - I'm a crazy person.

Not a clue what's going on tomorrow. I've got 'neverending project' work that really needs to be done and I should probably go grocery shopping at some point. I'm also thinking that I should bake my challot tomorrow because the weatherman says it's going to be balmy tomorrow but HOT on Thursday.

Decisions decisions - how I loathe them.

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