Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reedem Enweep

Gosh this vacation is shaping up to be busy.

Yesterday afternoon I visited Sarah Baila (our very favorite sheitel-lady) - and for the record - yup, I drove there! After almost 2 years of sitting forlornly on the bottom-shelf of a bookcase I decided to give my sheitel a 2nd try. It got washed and then we brain-stormed - the conclusion was to go gelled and wavy as opposed to straight and floofy. It was a brilliant suggestion and the piece looks absolutely adorable! See? I wore it today! On a Tuesday! how crazy is that?
This morning Meanma and I did some shopping at BIG (I got an awesome hot-pink cardigan for 69 shekels) and then took a quick trip to Tzora and finally did some grocery shopping at SuperSol.

This afternoon Dibble, Frank and I visited Saba&Savta. Yup - I drove there too!

Sometime between the morning and the afternoon Yo'Abba experimented in the kitchen - the results were delicious.
We rushed out of Saba&Savta's to get back home in order to make a double batch of bagels for dinner. Dibble helped make the dough, I shaped the bagels (note to self: if you want the bagels to retain their holes - make the holes REALLY big when shaping!) Then Eli helped with the boiling/egging/topping part of the process.

I picked up Frank McNugget from his drum lesson and on the way home Yo'Abba explained how to keep wear&tear on the brakes at a minimum. It was my first time driving at night in over 7 years!

Freddie and her beau cooked up an incredible pot of mushroom barley soup to go along with the bagel spread. Oh yes - and dinner was extremely delicious!

Tomorrow is gonna be a super busy day.

Stay tuned...

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