Sunday, October 17, 2010

Revolutionary Soldiers!

Woke up early to a slightly overcast morning - then I realized it wasn't so much overcast as it was really early.

After a refreshing shower and some clean clothes I made my way downstairs and convinced Yo'Abba to come with me on a trip to visit the mechanics (I had to get a form signed and stamped.) On the way we stopped off at the post office and the grocery store. So much fun!

Back at the house we heated up some deeelicious Shabbos leftovers and had some lunch.

Just as we sat down the phone rang - it was the delivery man from the airport - he had arrived with the 'not-quite-as-lost-as-we-thought-they-were' suitcases. We shlepped them inside and dove right in! Presents and presents and presents galore! Hooray! Super duper exciting!!! New clothes and candy and all sorts of fun stuff!

Now it's the early afternoon and there's still a whole lot more to do today. I've got to pick up some more Vitamin D drops at the pharmacy and then we've got some stuff to 'toivel' and tonight the girls are going to meet a seamstress in Jerusalem about gowns for the wedding. Busy busy busy!

I'm way too psyched about tomorrow though - Z is FINALLY coming Home!!!

I can't wait!

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