Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Very Green Jelly Bean

I woke up waaaay too early considering I'm on vacation. By 9:15 I was dropping my cute little car off to be 'snazzified' and then Yo'Abba and I took a detour to 'town' on the way back to the house. We stopped off at the bank and at the bakery (for some awesomely delicious Yemenite pitot.)

To fill up the morning hours Yo'Abba and I trouble-shot (trouble-shooted?) Meanma's desktop computer. Turns out the power-supply had spontaneously combusted and burnt itself out at some point. (No wonder it wouldn't turn on.)

At a little after 11 I picked the car up and was super excited about all the new goodies that had been installed. Now we're armed with a coded immobilizer, there's a really cool colorful display reverse radar shmidget. I even got 2 remote keychains so that I can lock the car doors from afar and I don't need to remember to manually lock them with the key each time.

The rest of the afternoon went by pretty quickly and before I knew it the girls had to head to Chashmonaim to check out '____-of-the-bride' gowns at a g'mach. Unfortunately none of us managed to find anything but we had a lot of fun looking through the racks and trying things on.

The ride back to The Sun House was uneventful and we put up dinner as soon as we got in. I was on noodle-duty while Meanma sauteed chicken fillets and we put together a quick sauce (onion, garlic, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and broccoli) to put on top of everything. Overall it was quite delicious.

After dinner I drove Frank McNugget up to SuperH to pick out some nosh for his tiyul shnati.

Back at the house I helped figure out a shabbos plan and then the Dibble kept me company while I blogged this post.

Now he's examining my tweezers - so I think I'll sign off and save them.

Just 5 nights and 4.25 days until my Zsh comes Home...

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