Sunday, November 14, 2010

1.1 = Magical Formula

First and most excitingly a super duper enormous mazal tov to Rik&Goose on the birth of their little princess who has officially been named Yael Tirtzah (even though it seems undecided as to what she will actually end up being called.)

Friday flew by. There were a whole lot of menu changes (I skipped the chicken for main-course and we had carrot soup instead of the traditional chicken soup.) I was too lazy to get dressed and take Z to town - so I didn't get any flowers. On the bright side - the entire apartment was clean and organized by noon. Even the mirpeset got a proper washing with soap and whatnot.

Shabbos started off very relaxed. The girls stayed Home but davened kabalat shabbat anyway. Then dinner was a delightfully slow affair and we shmoozed until around 10:30 (which as you all know is bedtime.)

Shabbos morning was nice too. A lazy warm morning, a light brunch-y meal, and more shmoozing followed by reading and shabbos naps. Desserts figured in there somewhere too.

After havdalah we straightened up and caught up on the 'girly shows' from last week. Then at around 10 I drove our guest down to the Jerusalem bus-stop.

I must be getting better at parking because I managed to back the car into our spot in the lot with cars parked on either side with no problems.

Thanks to Shabbos naps we weren't overly tired last night so by the time we fell asleep it was kind of late. That meant we slept in this morning (ok - well, 8 is late for me anyway - Z didn't get up until after 10.)

Aside from shmoozing on the phone, ordering 100 family photos to be printed and mailed to me, watching a movie, cleaning my kitchen counters and organizing my latest 'list' notebook - I haven't done too much today.

I'm thinking of making some tomato rissoto for dinner tonight. I've had the recipe bookmarked for ages but never actually get around to making it.

Ok - time to find something useful to do...

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