Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Donut Seeds A'plenty

After 2 days of leaving the house early I decided that this morning I would get out of bed late. So I lazed around and read a magazine that I stole from Phil yesterday. At around 11 I enjoyed a breakfast of 'stars' and then I treated myself to a snack-pack of Peanut M&M's from the candy cupboard - as incentive to do some of the 'neverending project' work that I had been procrastinating for about a week.

Do you like this picture? It's a shot of the delicious oven-'fried'-shnitzel that Z & I enjoyed last erev-Shabbos as a super special lunch. (Cause when there's nothing left to cook early on Friday - might as well make a yummy erev-Shabbos treat.)
Back to today... So I buckled down and worked for around 3 hours. I also finalized the wedding invitation that I was putting together so my 'to-do' pile is quite a lot smaller than it was yesterday.
Sara D joined us for dinner tonight. Z made his super-awesome 3-cheese pizza and Sara arrived just in time to slice the mushrooms and onions to top the 2nd pie. We ate and shmoozed for a good long while until Sara's 'responsible side' reminded her that she had anatomy to study.
Last week I bought myself some raw pistachios as a Shabbos treat. However, for some strange reason I just wasn't in the mood to eat them. I didn't want them to end up going to waste though - so I spent a goodly amount of time and effort shelling all of the nuts this afternoon. I then decided that the best use for them would be in biscotti.

I found 2 recipes and decided to try a dark version and a light version. The dark version is pistachio chocolate chocolate chip and the light version is crasin pistachio white chocolate chip. (I briefly considered skipping the white chips and dipping the biscotti in the chocolate instead - but then I realized how much extra work that would be - so I mixed them right into the dough instead.)

Overall they've quite good. (Considering I tweaked both of the recipes and added a whole batch of ingredients that weren't called for.)
There's a community BBQ tomorrow afternoon at the park - so we'll probably go and see our friends and neighbors.

I'm not sure what other adventures I'll find to keep myself entertained - so stay tuned...

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