Friday, November 26, 2010

A Gravity Toggler

Thanksgiving Dinner last night was amazing. The anglo-community came together really nicely and pulled off a spectacular sort of event. There were about 60 people in attendance. We were joined by a group of artists from Artists4Israel who are currently visiting The Holy Land and are actually painting beautiful murals on the miklatim around the city. There was plenty of food and the desserts were a big-hit so I've got nothing to complain about.

I was exhausted last night by the time we got Home and I hadn't even started cooking for Shabbos. I figured I'd be up early and that I could start then. Funnily enough - I was so zonked that I slept until just about 8:30 this morning. (When's the last time I slept that late?)

It's been a week since I really taxed my system with any dairy - and since I've been holding relatively steady on the fructose-front I decided that it would be safe enough to chance having some butter on my oat-flour pancakes this morning. They were delicious with a smear of butter and some extra sugar sprinkled over the top. I actually think the pancakes tasted better the second day.

Cooking didn't really take too much time. Chicken soup sans-matzah-balls with just a potato and a teeny-tiny whole onion (to avoid fructan contamination), 1/2 a head of roasted garlic, meatballs, peas and of course some plain plain rice (hooray for the part of the meal that I can eat too!) For lunch we'll be enjoying; teriyaki salmon (which Z made), carrot kugel (from the freezer), tossed salad (or sliced veggies depending on how lazy I am in the morning) and potato gratin (which I'm praying turned out well this time - instead of too salty to be eaten or raw or tasteless - all of which have happened in the past.)

As for desserts - because Shabbos isn't the same without baked goods... I pulled 5 Amaretto Mini-Bundt Cakes out of the freezer and drizzled them with a glaze for the company tomorrow. I also experimented with my very first gluten-free baking. Oat-flour peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! The good news is they taste awesome! (Ok - they're a little crumb-y and probably won't age well - but for today and tomorrow they're these awesomely nutty cookies that make me really happy.) I'm willing to bet that the guests won't even know that the cookies are wheat-less.

The bit of butter at breakfast didn't seem to do anything overly bad to my system - so I decided to take a risk for lunch and (liberally) sprinkled my rice with grated mozzarella cheese. So far so good - I ate about an hour and a half ago and am still feeling alright. I'll give it 12 hours or so - but hopefully this is a good sign.

The house is all ready for Shabbos and there's still another hour and a bit until candle-lighting time. I guess that means that now I can relax properly.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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