Thursday, November 25, 2010

If At First...

I woke up on the early side this morning. It was only 6:30. That's early even by my standards. I didn't start making noise in the kitchen until a little before 8. I figured I'd make some 'oat-flour pancakes' for breakfast. My biggest mistake might have been using 'quick oats' to make my oat-flour (I just ground them up in the food processor.)

See - here's the batter. But it really had to sit for a while so that the oats absorbed the liquid and it became a batter instead of a thin-watery liquid.
The first batch totally fell apart, I had relative success with the 2nd batch and by the 3rd batch the batter had congealed enough to make really nice little pancakes.
Z left for school just as I finished taking the last batch of pancakes off of the griddle.

I didn't waste any time (meaning of course - that I didn't watch any tv.) I got down to work in the kitchen. First I baked 2 batches of apple pie bars and then I baked 1 batch of pecan pie bars. Once the desserts were cooling I cut up a whole lot of vegetables in order to assemble a (rather large) vegetable platter (ok, bowl.)

Kitchen-stuff was done for the moment so I did a whole batch of 'neverending project' work for a while. When Z came Home for his 'in-between-class-break' he helped by slicing up the desserts and putting them on the serving platters. Then we wrapped them up in saran-wrap and took them out to the car.

We stopped off at the post office and picked up the package of pictures. (Yay!) We also stopped in the health-food-store and picked up a bag of 'oat flour' (waaaaay better than grinding my own.) I also got some roasted/salted nuts. Cause I'm in serious need of something to snack on. Last stop was dropping off the food for the party at the organizer's house. (We dropped it off early because we don't quite know what time we'll be arriving at the shindig - considering it's called to start at 8:30 and Z finishes class between 8:30-9...)

I dropped Z off at school on the way Home and now I'm kind of relaxing.

Unfortunately it's not actually relaxing - because I'm already fretting about Shabbos. Our guests for Shabbos lunch 'might' be at 3 now - but nobody knows. I haven't done any laundry, my kitchen counter is lost under dirty dishes, I still really want (read: need) to shower, I haven't started cooking for Shabbos yet and basically I'm tired already and I still need to go out and socialize for 2-3 hours tonight. Oh yeah - and I'm too lazy to cook a shnitzel for myself for dinner - so I'm just not going to eat. (Ok - I'm not too lazy - but the shnitzel is frozen, so I'd have to do a water bath to thaw it - and then cook it and eat all alone and thengo out and socialize at a shindig where I can't eat anything. The not eating anything at the party doesn't really bother me - but the not eating all day aside from a couple of oat-pancakes and a bowl of plain white rice kind of does. I know - it's my own fault - if I want food then I should make food. It's easy in theory - but not so much in practice.)

Forget it - I'm going to watch some tv. Then I'm going to take a shower. Hopefully after that there will still be time to take a nap before I need to go out and be a happy friendly person.

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