Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ingrown Stubbles

Shabbos went by fairly quickly. Friday night was relaxing and we ventured across the hall to our neighbors for lunch which was quite enjoyable. I finished the book that I was in the middle of and reread one of the 'Calvin & Hobbes' books too. Before we knew it we were crashed on the couch watching some really random movies.We got a relatively early start today. Z had an appointment with the doctor (just to get his form stamped so that he can move to the next step of acquiring his drivers license.) Our next stop was at 'Yesh' to stock up on some essential groceries (and we were lucky enough to find narrow-oil-thingamajiggers for the menorah. We did a trial run and they actually fit!!!) Back at Home we shlepped the groceries inside and then I ran out for a 'spa-type' appointment (how can I have no qualms about waxing my underarms - but driving the car to Jerusalem makes me so nervous that I get physically ill? I really don't understand it.)
Speaking of Jerusalem - as you might remember I'll be venturing there tomorrow for the 'fructose test' at Shaare Zedek. Today I'm on a fun fun fun bland diet of eggs, rice, potatoes and plain (boiled) chicken. I get to fast from 9pm tonight until halfway through the test tomorrow. (Though I have a funny feeling that with my nerves, general lack of appetite and everything else that I won't actually feel well enough to eat anything until I'm back Home - so I'm hoping that won't be too late.)
Back to today - I finally decided to be industrious, productive and artsy. I dug through my sewing box and sorted through my 'scraps' collection. (Now I remember why it's a good idea to keep worthwhile scraps from projects!) I found a whole batch of this loose linen-weave type fabric (that I used to make a wrap-skirt a whole bunch of years ago.) Then I pulled out all my fun sewing accouterments - the heirloom scissors, my straight pins, the needles, olive green thread (I should probably stock up on some basic colors...)

I decided to make 4 small (they're about 8x12cm finished) sachet pillows. I'm going to put 2 under each bed. The loose weave of the fabric lets all the yummy smell out and keeps the spices in. Each sachet is filled with 4 cinnamon sticks and a whole bunch of cloves.

It smells like Xmas and like crafting stores in the USofA.

It's a smell that makes me happy.

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