Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Migrating Appendicitis...

So - Tuesday...

Woke up early. Couldn't decide between going to Jerusalem and trying out a class at an all womens gym. By the time decisions were made it was too late to do either. Instead I clipped on my pedometer and we took a walk. First we visited the 'fire site' (still smoking in the morning breeze) then we walked around to the mail-box. There was a note saying that a 'registered envelope' was waiting for us at the post office - so we walked up the mountain, hopped into the car and drove to town. (The walk clocked me about 3200 steps - just in case you were wondering.)

After waiting on line at the post-office (for twenty numbers and about twenty minutes) I got my envelope. I opened it, took another number and got right back on line. It was the official document to transfer the 'ownership' of the car into my name. Finally fifteen minutes later it was my turn again - 202 shekels and a few signatures and I am officially owner of my car - in all respects.

We also stopped off to buy some cinnamon sticks - I'm going to make a couple of potpourri sachets to toss into the storage space under the beds - cause I'm sick of the icky storage-space smell that's in there. I'd much rather it smell like X-mas - hence the proposed cinnamon sticks and cloves.

Last night by 8ish I was feeling kind of icky so Z filled the hot-water bottle and moved the laptop into bed so that we could watch some tv before going to sleep. It was really sweet of him.

This morning I was feeling a bit better but we decided to take it easy - just to be on the safe side. Z only had 1 class so he was only gone for about 2 hours. I heated up a nice big piece of pastel for him for lunch - which he seemed to really enjoy.

We caught up on 'House' and played a lot of 'cut the rope' (a fun new game on the itouch.)

Mostly we just relaxed.

We were going to go out grocery shopping with Sara D but my stomach spazzed out on me and I wound up cancelling our shopping-date because I felt too sick to drive. Then I felt really really stupid - because I'm not that crazy unreliable nutso who always cancels 10 minutes before it's time to go. I like to make plans and stick to them - but my stomach doesn't let me. It's ridiculous and it has got to stop! /rant.

I'm not really in the mood to make or eat dinner - so I'm thinking I'll just pull some soup out of the freezer for Z. There's still carrot, tomato and mushroom barley in there. I'm thinking carrot since he had tomato on Sunday for lunch.

Hard to believe that tomorrow is Thursday again. I am really not ready to cook for Shabbos yet. Seriously. I don't have koach to bake challah and it seems pointless to bake a dessert that I probably won't even taste. Z wants shnitzel for shabbos lunch - which I don't mind making - but it is the most labor intensive chicken that there is.

I'm also starting to fret about Monday - yes, already. Fructose test at Shaare Zedek - in Jeru - at 8:15 in the morning. So I'll be driving to Jeru ridiculously early and back Home again - all alone. I'm really not looking forward to it.

Alright - the ranting and kvetching just keeps pouring out and it's driving me crazy - so I'm going to end this post.

Hopefully happier thoughts tomorrow.

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