Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mint Extractions

This morning I wanted to be a nice wifey so I decided to make breakfast for Z. I remembered him mentioning a few weeks ago (after seeing Yo'Abba have one) that he wanted me to make 'egg in a hole' for him. So - that's what I decided to prepare.

What was the response I got - well, it wasn't "thanks honey, you're the best" it wasn't "golly gee - thanks for breakfast" - no - the response I got upon setting the plate down in front of him was an accusatory, "why are you being nice to me?"

*sigh* I guess that's what I get for being nice. Just goes to show that it's easier to just always be grumpy.

Anywho - he finally left for school and I got comfy on the couch for a few minutes. Then suddenly my conscience piped up... "Aren't you going to do anything productive today?" So I thought about it - looked around the house and realized - housework can really only be pushed off for so long.

So -up went the sleeves and I washed all of the dishes. Then I dealt with the 3 loads of laundry - sorting/washing/folding. I cleared off the dining room table (it's a big deal around here considering how many arts-n-crafts things live on it.) I even reorganized the freezer - though technically that was before the cleaning spree began because I was hunting for something that Z could take to school for lunch - I found him the last piece of vegetable lasagna - just for the record.)

At around 4:30pm Z called to say that he was done with school for the day. So I hopped in the car, picked him up and then we headed down to the '2nd Annual Anglo BBQ' in the park. We met a whole batch of the 'new' people and shmoozed with friends.

We hung around for a bit less than an hour then we headed back Home so that Z could get started on his homework. I even made dinner - chicken wings for Z, a roasted chicken breast for me and chips as a delectable side-dish.

I'll be super busy in the kitchen tomorrow because I promised Phil yummy 'fructan-light' sugar cookies. I'm also extremely tempted to try this recipe for Mint Milano Cookies - they're one of my very favorites and how awesome would it be to be able to have them whenever I wasn't too lazy to make a batch?!

Alrighty - I've got to go check on dinner - it's smelling good which is a sign that it's probably almost done!

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