Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moths & Boats

Today I ingested about 1,200 calories from peanut butter chocolate chip cookies alone. Yup - I ate a dozen of them. No joke. I was keeping track in my food-diary. Now I'm feeling a little ill - but I think it's on account of being chock-full of cookie-goodness. I guess the old saying holds true - one can have too much of a good thing.

Aside from cookies I ate a bowlful of rice with mozzarella cheese, a baked potato and a handful of salted/roasted cashews.

I made the baked potatoes for lunch and served them to Z with leftover salmon teriyaki from Shabbos lunch.

As for dinner - I decided that since Z has been so incredibly awesome lately that he deserved a special treat to go with his rice. So - I pulled the last steak out of the freezer and cooked up (for the very first time ever) pepper steak. He seemed quite enthused by the meal and was even more excited to see that I'd stretched the meal so far that there would be enough to pack up for an awesome lunch tomorrow too!

Now that my post makes it seem like I spent all day in the kitchen - I won't shatter the illusion (with the truth that I actually spent the entire day in my bed with the laptop doing absolutely nothing.)

Don't worry - I have plans for the rest of the week. I have to write a letter and I'm waiting for another petek from the post-office then I'll mail the letter when I pick up may package. I also have to run some other errands in town and pick up my platters (from Thanksgiving Dinner) from my friend's house. Then there's Channuka 'decorating' to do - I have to hang my 'Channuka Sameach' sign and the 'window menorah' - and I should probably polish Z's chanukiya while I'm getting ready. There's also 'work' to do - plenty of it.

Anyone looking for a great movie about the important things in life should definitely watch 'The Ultimate Gift' - Z & I really enjoyed it.

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