Thursday, November 18, 2010


Z went off to school this morning with oatmeal craisin white chip cookies for his studio class. Rumor has it that they were enjoyed by all.

At around 11ish Z called to let me know that I was going to have some company and to find out whether I wanted to go to our neighbors across the hall for a meal on Shabbos. I told him that we could go out for lunch - which totally gets me out of making shnitzel. About 15 minutes later Ora arrived. She was totally exhausted so I sent to the guest room to rest for a bit.

I decided to be productive at around 11:30 and figured that since Ora was here and Z would be coming Home for lunch (yay Thursdays!) that I should make something ridiculously delicious and super special. I settled upon that pizza monkey bread that I wimped out of making last week. (It was totally worth the effort - and wasn't even as much effort as I'd thought it would be.)

I decided to multi-task when I made the pizza dough and figured I'd make challah too (since closer inspection of my freezer had yielded only 1 loaf.) So - the pizza dough went into the KitchenAid and the 1/4 recipe of challah was made by hand. Done at the same time though - so that was pretty impressive.

Speaking of challah - I'm super excited because one day next week I'll get getting together with a friend from across town for a challah-making session. I love making challah, I love making a full batch and being able to make a bracha on hafrashat challah, and I love having company - so all in all - that's going to be the best day of the week! (Well, it'll be tied with Monday - cause even though I'm not so thrilled about the driving I have to do on Monday - hopefully I'm going to visit the Fishmans - which means tickle time with the little ones and visiting time with Shosh!) Summary is - I'm already planning to have 2 awesome days next week so I hope my stomach can keep up.

I pulled lunch out of the oven about 15 minutes before Z got Home. Ora and I dug right in (cause she had to get to a class) but we were still enjoying when Z walked in. He seemed really ecstatic about the food-choice and seemed to enjoy it a lot. (I guess I'll be making it again.) I made it in 2 disposable loaf pans (instead of a bundt) so it only baked for about half an hour and the three of us polished off a loaf and a half.

As Ora left for class I egged the challot and stuck them into the oven to bake. Not wanting to waste the remainder of the beaten-egg I mixed up a batch of brownies. Ta-da - challah & dessert are now officially made.

I defrosted the whole chicken that we had in our freezer and Z cut it up after he washed all of the dishes. (He really is the bestest!) Since I don't need to make shnitzel (thanks to last minute Shabbos lunch plans mentioned above briefly) I decided to divide the chicken up and make it last. The wings, carcass and a breast turned into awesome smelling soup, one leg and thigh is marinating to become za'atar chicken for sometime next week, and the last breast, leg and thigh are marinating to become some Sara Schapiro Sesame Chicken for Friday night. Oh yeah - and any leftover soup is going to be turned into chicken-pot-pie - mark my words.

Z left about 25 minutes ago for his last class of the day - so he'll be back at around 8:30. I'm making him wings & french fries for dinner which he seemed happy enough about. (Sometimes I wonder if any of his friends eat as well as he does...)

I'm hoping that the 'petek' came from the post-office saying that my package of pictures is waiting for me. That would be great! We could go pick it up tomorrow and get me some flowers for Shabbos. I guess we need some chumus too - since we don't have any. Maybe I should write a shopping list...

I've even done almost all the laundry. All that's left is to do is change the sheets and wash the floor. Oh yeah - and I've got to make couscous and the peas. Tomorrow is going to be ridiculously relaxing - I am so excited! I really enjoy calm Fridays.

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