Monday, November 15, 2010

Oatmeal & Effective Care

Well - I didn't end up making that rissoto for dinner last night. No siree. I decided I'd save it for a lunchtime experiment all for me - or maybe I'll make it on Tuesday or Wednesday because Z's classes have been mostly cancelled on those 2 days. Instead I made an awesomely delicious chicken stir-fry and served it over jasmine rice.

Yesterday was pretty quiet. I've been toying with ideas for 2 separate logo requests that I've gotten. No luck with one and a tiny bit of success with the other.

I didn't watch too much tv and spent a bunch of time organizing stuff. My last project of the day was teaching myself how to insert form-fields into pre-made PDFs for 'the neverending project' - I figured it out and now with some behind-the-scenes coding from our programmer we are finally automating the personalization of all of the marketing materials. I am (understandably) very excited about this because it means no more tedious copy/paste/positioning work for me! Yayyyy!!!

By the time Z got Home from 'tutoring hours' he was completely exhausted. As a matter of fact it was the first time I can remember him being excited at the prospect of a 10:30 bedtime.

This morning started off well. I woke up at 7 and organized the rest of the papers in the office then I packed up a lunch, warmed a muffin from the freezer-stash and waved goodbye to Z as he headed out the door.

I figured there would be plenty of hot water for a shower because after all it's been sunny and warm out - but I was wrong.

Today was day 1 of my renewed-efforts to get back in shape. Now that I'm basically the weight I want to be (read: the weight I used to be and am happy at - but still 15 lbs away from my unachievable always-desired goal) I'm still not motivated enough to get out and walk (which makes me sad) but I've decided that something is better than nothing - so I'm going back to basics and making myself a star-chart. Oh yeah - and I'm starting with my basic stretches again - because as I said - something is better than nothing. Anyway I can officially give myself a star for today because I did a really nice stretch-session which combined the daily-dozen yoga poses with my old post-workout stretches and I threw in a couple of crunches for the heck of it. In summary - I got increased blood flowing to just about all of my muscles and feel better already. Soon I'll be holding my toes in the palms of my hands again.

Breakfast has turned into brunch at this point but now that I can somewhat eat and enjoy food again I'm treating myself well. I've got a nice-sized glass of home-brewed unsweetened cinnamon-magic iced tea and I'm thinking a scrambled egg and some vegetable-sticks with chumus would go really nicely too.

Alrighty - to the kitchen!

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