Monday, November 08, 2010

Officer McMeanie

Friday was relatively uneventful. Woke up early, did laundry, packed and straightened up the house. We left Home at noon and picked up Sara D on our way out of town. I managed to find 444 and got us to The Sun House with no problems.

Shabbos was loads of fun. The boys played 'Settlers' and everyone ate a whole lot of swirly-cookies. Freddie wasn't home but Eli had a friend over so it wasn't too quiet. Z & I took over the basement 'suite' which was super-nice. I even took a long relaxing nap shabbos afternoon.

Motza"sh was a whirlwind of fun. First Z, Phil and I stopped by Saba & Savta's house. Then we took a trip to BIG to visit SuperPharm on a super-important hair-cream mission (which was highly successful and culminated with me buying some really yummy green-tea hand soap.) Back at the house Phil and I watched 'Beezus & Ramona' (yet another children's book which has fallen prey in the book-to-movie craze that is sweeping studios around the world.)

Sunday morning started well enough - aside from boring errands and needing to have 2 headlights replaced because they had burned out. (Thankfully the ever-reliable team of 'Moti and Vinny' fixed us up in no time.) We were back Home by noon and Z spent a few hours doing homework until he had to leave to do his 'hours' at the university.

For dinner I made really yummy mushroom cream sauce to serve over some fettucine.

This morning was quite chilly but I managed to get the dishes (from last night) washed. (I wore plastic gloves to do the deed - because the new dish-soap that I bought is doing terrible things to my skin. Remind me not to buy it again!)

I think I've managed to sort out my menu-plan for this week and I'm thinking that tomorrow morning will be the perfect time to go grocery shopping. Maybe Z will even come with me!

Tonight for dinner we're having a fun finger food fest - franks in blankets and fries on the side - and everything goes well with ketchup so the vegetable portion of the meal is covered too.Ok ok - I'm seriously considering making some popcorn cauliflower too.

Speaking of which - I should go get started...

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