Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Orange Shniggleblops

I had a whole lot of trouble falling asleep last night. To start with - I stayed up past my bedtime so when I crawled into bed a little after 12 I was midway through my 'third wind' or whatever they call that annoying burst of energy that one gets when they're ready to collapse but don't for some ridiculous reason. Anyway - I spent some time playing more games on Z's ipod (well, until the battery died and I had to plug it in to charge.) Then I stared at the dark ceiling - but that got boring quickly. Last resort was watching tv on my ipod from the comfort of my own bed. Thankfully I fell drifted off to sleep after 2 episodes of pointlessness.

Slightly rude awakening this morning - a serious stomach-ache. I now know that lettuce is off of my 'to eat' list - making an 8 item list even shorter. Whatever - it'll be worth it in the end. Of course I'll reintroduce it after 'detox' - but first I've got to get through these few weeks.

Thankfully the day quickly got better. My tummy settled itself and at around 11:30 my friends Ariella & Meira came to visit. Gosh babies are cute.

Today's activity (aside from being all out girl time) was baking challah. We stuck with the 'Always Successful' recipe and it held up its reputation - at least, I'm pretty sure it did - from the incredible smell that wafted through the apartment while it was baking. We made a whole batch and I braided my half into 8 small loaves while Ariella went a fraction larger and only made 7. They're the perfect size for couples who don't really overindulge on challah at the meal.

I made mac-n-cheese for lunch for my guest - and she claimed it was quite tasty (it was so weird to not taste a noodle to check if it was cooked and to not dip a finger into the cheese sauce to test for flavor.) I made enough so that Z can have lunch tomorrow - since I'll be busy baking for the Thanksgiving Dinner and cooking for shabbos.

Speaking of the Thanksgiving Dinner - I was super nervous because I neglected to buy vegetables earlier in the week (even though I'm supposed to be bringing a big vegetable platter - for a group of 60 people.) Luckily I went to the store today and they had tons of good produce. I was surprised and amazed. I bought whatever I needed and got out of the store before they decided to keep it. In addition to the sliced veggies I'll be bringing apple pie bars and pecan pie bars. I'm just trying to decide how much to make. I'm thinking that making one 9x13 pan of each should be enough. I know there will be 60 people there - but there are going to be cookies, a cake and 2 other desserts too. On second thought - maybe I should do 2 of each...

I've officially decided that fresh rice is astronomically more delicious than reheated rice. (Have I mentioned that my new 'diet' makes me feel slightly like an 'on the mend' oriental person?) Dinner was fresh Persian rice with a leftover chicken breast from last night.

From the 1-sided conversation I'm hearing we'll be having guests for Shabbos lunch - Z invited some friends over from school.

I'm thinking of making some gluten-free peanut butter cookies for myself. I'm a little apprehensive because I haven't tried sugar or peanut butter yet - but in theory a little shouldn't hurt me.

Live and Learn: The Lesson of the Lettuce.

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Rik said...

Are you doing the recipe that calls only for peanut butter, eggs, and sugar? Ratio is 1:1:1